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And as I look down, I see the blood and tears splattered all over the floor,  Because it seems like every time I try to open it, there is always someone there to close the door.
Just when I started to feel upset, it all started to come true, That the dreams that I had working for were finally coming through.
when rhymes start poppin'and beats start flowin'it's probably a signthat it's time to get goingmaybe just maybe even ((( CAUSE A COMMOTION )))
Fiery and hotOh, she is forged with fireIt lives within her. And she channels it to give herself a voice and a power… And oh, she’s burningShe’s burning in the etherThe fire consumes.
For far too long now, I have been letting people get in my head and try and bring me down, But I am finally at the point where I am taking back control, and I am turning it all around.
Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the thrill of it all, And sometimes you need to remind yourself that not everyone will be there for you when you fall.
What is this, who is this, what is this? 
"She's skinned in night portray. Only the light comprehend her. They said she's beauty, and power, for the treasures hidden underneath her skin, of no measure, she kin with pleasure. Her mind make
It took me a long time to realize that there is only so much that you can blame others for, And that if you want to change your life, it is up to you to be the one to close that door.
It took me a long time to realize that the thing that is keeping you going is not always something that you are able to see, And that even when everyone else is against you, you can not allow them to deter you from who you want to be.
While the sky held her hands  Her eyes as bold bells I heard An ocean enough to drown deep to be found a herd.   While care is lost in the seas
You don’t miss me And me neither Missy Life is full of shocks and surprises To the foodies, everything is about business
Skin. It's an identifier. It's what determines whether you will have an advantage or not. Even with this, it's not power. The way I look every day is not going to alter the character I have.
We use to laugh, We use to talk, We use to confide in eachother. I was totally in love with my bestfriend. You can fall in love with friends too.I.would give her my last, my life I let her hold in the palm of her hands. She was so beautiful then.
A energetic phenomenon of total attunement to physical sensations and sense of corporal being Heightened and ultra sensitive, so far more absorbent of the stimuli around us
Today I feel griefUnlike any otherMy country has fallen In hands of angry men My mother weeps For whom I do not yet know Perhaps for my brotherWho fought for change But couldn’t bring it
How do you win the same battle when you don't think that you have anymore fight? And when it seems like you have to give up because it seems like you can't do anything right?
I have come to realize that at the end of the day, nothing is going to change.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize that the way everyone was acting was strange.
Now It's Clear That Some Heads... Need To See That I GET IT... !!! That ARROGANCE And EGO Can DISCREDIT..... Your Claims To Be IMPRESSIVE... In Art That You're... Representing...
I Was Asked Today To Write A Poem... About Todays’ Tech Age And The String of PROBLEMS That It Now SUSTAINS... From Men To Women To Those... Teenaged... A Piece of Wordplay Can BARELY EXPLAIN... !!!
There’s ALWAYS MUCH To CONSIDER When It Comes To FAMOUS Figures... Who Are QUICKER To Pull Triggers Than The Best Olympic Sprinters... !!! Cos' There Are Always ... BIGGER PICTURES... Where There’s ALWAYS Someone QUICKER...
So Are You The Exception Or Are You The Rule... ? Cos’ I’m An EXCEPTIONAL Spoken Word Dude... !!! Cos’ My Use of This Tool Is... Spoken Word Cool... !!! So Is Used To SCHOOL Those Who Exude...
Now They May Stop My Ability To Have Some Stability... Because of A LACK of Earning BIG CASH... !!! But What They WON'T STOP While My Mind State Is Living... Is Verse That Breeds Thinking In Poems I’m Bringing...
It’s A CRISIS... It’s A CRISIS... !!! MAN Their Talk Is PRICELESS... !!! It’s A CRISIS When Ish’ Happens To Them... ?!? Like Gun Violence That Leads To DEATH... !!! But When It’s BLACKS... !!!
Now I Guess It’s Gonna Take A Little While... For Most of You Folks To Get With My Style... Because It DOESN’T Profile Artistry That’s VILE... !!! Mine Gives Up Platters of Subject Matter...
Well Now It Seems That There Is NO DOUBT... !!! That Humanity Is Being DROWNED... !!! By Government Clowns And New Tech Sounds... !!! That Have Folks Running Round With Rather LARGE Frowns... !!!
Now If YOU Could SNAP Your Fingers... ? And Make Change That Would LINGER... !!! What Changes Would You Make... ? To Make This World A BETTER Place... !?! Would You Create ONE Race...
seven months now i've watched him out of the corner of my eye he caught my attention right away  what he doesn't know  is that i'm resisting because if i didn't, i know it'd be wrong
Ya Know I Used To Use Dots... Or What's Called Ellipses To Connect My Scriptures... But Now Use Squiggles To Connect The Lyrics That I Sit And Scribble... So I DO Connect Dots With Rhymes I Jot...
I’m Kinda NASTY Like Nas' When It Comes To Bars... Or In Other Words FLOWS of... Rhyme Driven Prose... !!! But NOT Like These Ho’s Who Take It Up Their ARSE... !!! I’m WAY ABOVE That Class of NASTY Nah Nah NAHS... !!!
Now I’m A LYRICAL GUERRILLA Who’s A VERY DEEP THINKER... !!! So Am NOT Some SHITTER Like That Paedo’ Gary Glitter... !!! Or The Type Who Beds SISTERS Because What Kind of Heart...
Ya Know I Think It’s Fair To Say... That PUPPETS Reign The World TODAY... !!! From Heads of State To Those Making CLAIMS... That They COMMAND The Stage... With WORDPLAY ARRAYS Befitting of... “ A SAGE “... !?!
Now We Know Folks Are GAGGED In Ways That Are BAD... !!! And In Ways That Some Use Within Their Sexual Moves... !!! But What About Masks... We Should Think About That... !?!
Now It’s CLEARLY NOT GREAT For People To RAPE... !!! But It Seems Nowadays That People Get RAPED... In VARIOUS Ways ALL OVER The Place... !!!!! From Those On The Stage To Those Getting LAID...
Well It’s Quite CLEAR That... ... “ The Inside Track “... Is Where You Find BIG CASH... !!!
So Now Government Measures Are Placing PRESSURES... And INCREASING STRESSES... Because of Infections of Corona SPREADING... !!! These Measures Have PRESSURED... The Minds of Heads Vetted As NEEDING PROTECTION... !!!
What Is It These Days With Peoples Ways... ?!? Cos' It’s CLEAR Nowadays That To Get Yourself Fame... You’ll Need The SUPPORT of The... “ LIKE Brigade “... !!! Because Light Has Been WITHDRAWN From How Stardom Is BORN...
Well Wouldn’t You Know It I’m A BULLETPROOF Poet... !!! BULLETPROOF Flows That CLEARLY Show... That It’s Really NOT Wise To Try To Deride... My Poetic Lines And BULLETPROOF Rhymes... !!!!!
Why does it always seem like it is one step forward and ten steps back? It makes me sit and wonder, what are the skills that I seem to lack? Deep down I know that this is what I want and that my life can be improved,
So.... “Just How Far Ahead, Is All of This New Tech ?”... Because It’s Now Become Something That STUNS Like... TASER Guns... !!! That Tech Heads Suggest Is A Way To Progress Humanity’s Ends...
Ya Know I Just CANNOT Do It... Refuse To Now USE IT... !!! Wordplay and Good Music With Spoken Word Movements... Because I’ve Been STRUCK By An Arrow of... " Cupid’s "... !!!
So... CLARITY of Mind Is Now Getting HARD To Find ... Within Our Human Kind Because of These Strange Times... !?! Where We Are Losing Lives Because of Virus Vibes... !?!
Now When It Comes To Writing... ...... “ Poetic Scripts “......
So Through Human Existence... There’s Been Much RESISTANCE To INDEPENDENT Thinking... And Now That..... Corona’s KILLING... !!! Resistance Is Sinking Just Like Those Kids Shrinking...
That’s RIGHT The Truth HURTS... !!! When It’s Served To JERKS Through Words And Verse.... That DON’T Observe LYING And Taking WRONG TURNS... !!!!! That Preserve FALSEHOODS That SHOULD BE......... Removed........ !!!!!!
So Just Like My Namesake In... “ The Great Escape “... I’m The King of The COOLER Kinda Like... " Rick The Ruler ".... A TRUE School Type Mover TOP NOTCH Rhyme Producer... !!!
So Let Me Quickly Advise That This Set of Rhymes... Has Repetitive Lines For Those Who Don’t Like... ......... Reading Verse of This Type ............ !!! So How Many More Times Will Humans Act Surprised...
It’s Pretty CLEAR That NONSENSE.... Causes Us... PROBLEMS... !!! But Some Are Caused By MORE Than Flaws... !!! Some Are Displayed Because of Our Age... Ya See When Young Lacking Experience...
My Purpose Is BIGGER... !!!!! Than To Earn BIG Figures... For Using Rhyme Scripture... That's WEAKER Than... Tigger... !!!!! It's Purpose Like Fixtures Holds FIRM and Delivers...
Ya Know People Like ME Are A..... RARITY...... !!!!! Because UNLIKE Most Peeps'... We Believe In STRAIGHT SPEECH... That Deals In TRUTH And HONESTY..... !!!!! And Creatively We Embrace REALITY...
Now It Seems That Allegiance Within Human Beings... Is Something Now Weakened By Things We’re Now Seeing... From Relationships Leaning Towards Those Proceedings... That Cause Angry Meetings Due To Folks NOT Agreeing... !!!
Okay So I’m An... Old Timer... Whose A POWERHOUSE Rhymer And TOP NOTCH Rhyme Designer... So I’m NOT Like These Grimers’... !!! Or One With One Liners Like Great Battle Rhymers... !!! Or One Who Now Mumbles...
MAN I Do It Just Like It's... " AUTOMATIC "... WITHOUT That Static That Can Make Things TRAGIC... !!! In Fact It's Quite FANTASTIC The Way I Lyrically DAMAGE... !!! Jerks Whose Verse Clearly Lacks THAT MAGIC... !!!!!
So... Which One Are You... ??? When It Comes To What You Do...
Well I Guess It’s Time For Heads To Now... “ REASSESS”... What Will Serve Them Best Now Corona Has Sent... A WHOLE NEW NORMAL Into Human Portals... !?!?! of... Future Existence Where ALL These PM’s And PRESIDENTS...
Ya Know I've Found In This Life... That... Girls And Guys... Who Behave Like CHUMPS... !!!!! Like To Play... Mitch Green... And Beat Me To The PUNCH.... ?!!!? When My Lyrical Flows...
Now Folks.... My Phone’s SMART Tech REJECTED My First Text... !!! In A Way That Really Caused My Head To STRESS... !!! So I Guess That It Was Meant For ME To Now Get VEX...
My DEFIANCE of Compliance Is A Poetic Science... !!! So REJECTS TYRANTS Who Seem To Be Reliant... On Embracing VIOLENCE Instead of Environments... Where PEACE And SILENCE Deal In KINDNESS... !!!
I feel like I am three years old,  With the authority of a king  I can send ships, I can rule the city  I can create wealth and induce poverty 
with beautiful words, we glow like water makes a plant grow. with a little mistake, we're forever scarred, like that flower in your backyard, exhausted, worn out, dull. when we can no longer take
Close your pretty eyes, Let your mind be clear, give it many tries, until your vicinity disappears. Can you feel your sunshine soul? Can you hear your heart of gold? Can you perceive your passion for life,
Now I Be Putting In Work When It Comes To My Verse... But UNLIKE THE CRIPS... My Bullets Are WORDS... !!! So Require NO HEARSE... !!! Because They’re Well Observed To Leave A Fool SERVED... !!!
school days! school days! learning for the boys but the girls are just toys pass them around  and then  just deny it   school days! school days! boys can come shirtless
Now When It Comes To What People DESERVE... There Are LOTS of Words That Should Be OBSERVED... !!! Because MANY Are Called But Are Part of The HERDS... Whose Lives Are Reserved To Get Their Just Deserts... !!!
Well It’s Clear That We’re Letting... A WHOLE LOAD of CRETINS... !!!
The simple things She wished on little things Fine things, good things Honestly just something Something to help with the fighting Give a little power to the lightning More stamina to the running
It took you months, if not years, to mold your favorite lure. Little did you fathom The untold treasures It would so selflessly surrender to you and  yours.  
So Nowadays It Seems That WE Should All BELIEVE... That ONLY Presidencies That Now Rule CURRENTLY... Are Those FILLED With ..... EXTREMES ...... !?!
What good is power ⛮ if it holds back progress? What good is law ⚖ if it oppresses citizens? What good is human of no compassion and sympathy? What good is authority if it says
Damn. Not everyone is meant to see your glory. Some came to just learn your story. Some come and goes in hurry. this world seem like adventure. So
Now I Have To Say... That In These Strange Days... My Use of Wordplay Is In A RICH VEIN... !!!!! From Reflecting On Things That Are Proving To STING... !!!
Like Reggie DONE SAY... It's Time For Some ACTION... !!! The Use of Wordplay To Stand AGAINST Factions... Political And Criminal By Use of Verse That's CRITICAL...
So Is It... " Your Dream "... To Become MAINSTREAM... ?!?
and she flew. flew out of her cage far out into the clear gray skies. where she was flying to, she had not a clue. but all that mattered was that her wings carried her through the air,
So What’s Coming Next... ? Now That The PRESIDENT... Has Caught This VIRUS... ?!?
It’s Pretty Clear That I’m LETHAL... !!! When It Comes To My CEREBRAL.... !!!
When PRESSURE Comes Knocking How PATIENT Are You... ? Do You Remain COOL Or Are You The Type To Start HURLING ABUSE... !?! I Try To STAY COOL When Dealing With Fools... !!!
No one bothered to wake up, speak, call or text to see me on my way. I don't blame them, I went my own way, I didn't have much to say. I didn't expect anyone to be different from the person they were to me yesterday.
Every part of me desires to be your lover and best friend. But how can I be your lover when your actions speak “my enemy”, not “friend to me.”
I ... Fight For What's RIGHT... And DEFY These VILLAINOUS... ...... Government Types...... !!!
Ya Know I'd Rather Be... UNIQUE... !!! Than Join These... PHONEY Cliques... !!!
So... Fa' Real Fa' REAL... What Is The Deal With... " Keeping It REAL "... !?! It's Just An EXPRESSION That Has NO Test Pressing... of Things Some Be STRESSING It's Message Be Sending... !!!!!
Ya Know I Have Been Told That My Voice RATTLES... !!! But Folks You KNOW... I AIN'T NO SNAKE... !!!! So I Think it's THOSE Who BATTLE... With Talk They... CANNOT TAKE... Who Make These Types of Comments...
YES ... I Declare WAR ... !!!!! On Those Whose Cause Is YAPPING Jaws ... !!! YAPPING This And... YAPPING That ... !?!
So I’m A... High Calibre Weapon... !!! Who Writes Lyrical Lessons Constructed To STRENGTHEN... Our Need To Pay ATTENTION To... Social REGRESSION... !!!
Ya Know ... We CAN'T ALL BE ... ... Artistically Free ... !!! It’s A FALLACY To Truly Believe ... That Artistry... Truly Deals In FREE Speech ...
One Day A Friend Said To Me.... “ Your Thoughts Big V, are deep and ample, but to get them through to people, you should try a different angle ! “ By This She Meant My Presence Is LARGE And My Words Hit HARD... !!!
Sometimes it is hard to wake up and realize that there is no one there and you are all alone, You're surrounded by family, but they make you feel unloved, so that is nowhere near being called a home.
So What's The... " DEAL "... With Those Who Use Drugs To Make Their Lives Run... ??? By This I Mean... How Do DRUGS Make Lives For THUGS... ?!? And BUILD THEIR... " KINGDOMS "... !?!
Ya Know These Days... " What I'm Seeing "... Is... WAY Beyond Believing...... ?!? BURNED DOWN Ceilings... Cos' of Government Dealings... Now Leaving People GRIEVING... !!!!
Ya Know I Like A GOOD Show ... When It's Done ... WELL ... !!!!! From Concerts To Dramas ... To Flicks That Hit HARDER ... Than ... ABUSIVE Partners ... !!!!
So These Sheople People... Keep Proving They’re FEEBLE... Doing This And Doing THAT... Like... "Mice In A Trap"... !!!
Lately I have realized something about myself that I never have before, And I wish it hadn't taken me long to realize that when one closes, there is always another door.
So It Seems That Extensions... Are Now Worthy of Mention... Because In Times Like These... Where This Corona Disease... ... Has People SCARED... !!!!! Extensions Prepared... Are Not Being Impaired...
I think now you're at peace, After deciding whose life to cease; Be it a human being or an animal, How can a man be so irrational?
Now.... It’s A PROBLEM THEY'VE CREATED... !!! The... Covering of Faces... In Various Public Spaces... !!! So Now Minnesota’s Facing... PROTESTS And NO Social Spacing... !!!
So The Forecast Today... I’m AFRAID... Is For Reigns... The Reign of New Tech.... And Reigns of IGNORANCE... !!!
Ya Know... ... THOSE Who CONTROL... KEEP Playing... DUD Notes... !!! From Musical Movements To Social Improvements... THOSE Who CONTROL KEEP Dealing In LOOSENESS... !!!!!
Okay So Now They Say That It’s NOT 5G... !!! That’s Part of The Spread of This Corona Disease... ?!? So Who Exactly … Are We Supposed To Believe... ? The Likes of... David Icke... !?!
Now If THESE WORDS Are TRUE... ??? And The NEEDS of The MANY... OUTWEIGH The Needs of The Few...
Happiness is something that has to come from within, If you keep looking around for it, you will be disappointed with the way that it could have been. It can be hard to be genuinely happy in a world that is so uncertain,
Why is it so hard to get better when that is what you really want to do? Some days it is easy, and other days it is so hard that the thought of being in control is something that you can't do.
Okay So Now Everything’s... “ COOL “... Because Now The Worlds People Are All Facing Curfews...
Well It Was A Matter of Time ... Before Some Minds Would Eventually Find ... Conspiracy Vibes About The Design of This Corona Line ...
So It Seems That GREED... Is Part of The Disease That Corona Breeds... !?!
So ... What’s In Store ... ?!? Well A Lot of Store Wars And That’s For SURE ... !!!!! A Lot of EMPTY Shelves And Now Aisles As Well ... !!!
George Lammings' Definition Inspired THIS INSCRIPTION ... Which Delves Into Descriptions of SLIME Within Our Vision ... !!!
The biggest whore of all   I love to play with her.It's pure fun to abuse her.   Everyone wants to own and covet her,but only a few will really feel her.  
Creative power of thoughts   Wherever I go, there is no darkness.Because I create the light!   Wherever I go, there is no pain.Because I create happiness!  
Scarlet flames of fire dance across my fingers. The light cannot harm me,  for I am its master.   Fire bends to my will,  and dies at my command. The dark can't consume me,
I am from were momma and daddy say schools not for people like us  I am from were if you talk proper you " Talk white"  never liked that cliché  I am from were sometimes I was forced to fight for what's mine 
she was power he crumbled her to the core his eyes weakened the soul so she did not say no she had caught love as if it were a disease  unknown it was gradually killing she did not say no 
falling against the coarse rug, I feel the ripples of fear pang against my core darting around inside of me are the remnants of thoughts they aren’t random, yet they don’t match up
Ya Know I Quite Enjoyed ... " Drag Me To Hell " ... !!! That Flicks' Quite SICK ... !!! In How It Toys With Thoughts That Dwell ... Inside Us All About PITFALLS ... !!!
tell me who broke your heart i am a master at stitching up wounds a master at emotional first aid let me heal you with hopeful words and kept promises
I live, I live, I live. I don’t want to be that girl. I don’t want to hear them sing.
An endless cacophony of meaningless noise. As seen in every answer she writes, Ink puddling on the page margins.
Morning Sky, Rotating Wheel, Marker stains Frozen time Falling sky Expanding world 
So What Does It Mean To Be .... " Corrupt " .... ?!? Well These Days It Would Seem ... A Good Place To Start Is Within GOVERNMENT ... !!!
These Days It's CLEAR That Mind Control Is On A Roll ... !!! Because LOST Souls Now Live In ... "FEAR" ... !!!!! FEAR of THIS And FEAR of THAT ... !!! FEAR of Thinking They've Been TRAPPED ... !!!
So What Does It Take To Be A Corporate GREAT ... ??? Do You Need To Be A Snake Who's ALWAYS On The Make ... ? Or Be Like TRUMP And Have Apprentices Run ... Through Hoops And ... JUMP ... !?!
Dance like everyone is watching  and no one                   So your body and mind           Are the only things connected                  And nothing else matters   Lead with your 
Immigrants THIS And Immigrants THAT ... !!! All This Government Talk's Helping Hatred SOAR ... !!!!! Meantime They KEEP ON Making Plans And Setting ... "TRAPS" ... !!!
So Folks ... " Are You Ready " ... ? For Prose I Write Through Use of Rhyme ... That PROVES My Mind Is ... " EVER READY " ... To Spread Information Just Like .... CONFETTI .... !!!
Do You PREFER To Hear Words That Leave You ... " STIRRED " ... Or Prefer To Hear Verse That's A Lil' PERVERSE ... !?!
Is it Such A Crime To Speak Your Mind … ? Because It Seems To Be If You're NOT WHITE ... !!! I Hear This Said So MANY Times … !!! "Virge, you scare folks with words you rhyme !"
"Censor Him CENSOR HIM He's Sounding Like A TERRORIST !" "Why, because I use my mind, when writing rhymes and poetry scripts ?"
How Tough Has Life Become These Days ... ?!? Violence REIGNS With PAIN And STRIFE ... !!! You NEED To Be TOUGH To Just SURVIVE ... !!!!! Prices ... riSE ... !!!!! That's No Surprise And Is NO LIE ... !!!
I'm Building Blocks ... While Those On Top Prefer To .... " BLOCK " .... That's ILLOGICAL Ask ... " Mister Spock " ... ?!?!? Human Nature Goes With DANGER ... !!! As It Now Does With Greed For Paper ... !?!
Are You The ... "Top Man" ... ??? Or The ... "Middle Man" ... ??? Or The Man below Wanting To Be Them ... !?! I'm NONE of These I'm Simply ... ME ... !!!
How Many Is A Simple Question ... !!!! How Many Now Require DETENTION ... ?!? How Many Times Do We See Crimes ... But Then Incline To Turn ... "Blind Eyes" ... ?!?
I'm SICK of ... "RESTRICTIONS" .... !!!!! "DON'T say THAT and DON'T say THIS !" ... What's The Point of Having Lips ... !?!
You determine my worth from the length of my skirt You shame me for my femininty my worth is my own, my power is my sexuality you're afraid of the power we hold because under all the folds you can see our strength
You may say you are educated For if you truly were It would be known To everyone But you  
Isn't Less Sometimes MORE ... ? Those Words Sound GOOD If You're NOT POOR ... !!! But Money DOESN'T Give You ... " LIFE " ... And Life Is NOT Defined By PRICE ... !!! But Is That ... RIGHT ... ?!?
They're ... TRYING IT ... They're Playing TRICKS ... !!! They're Doing Things To Make Me QUIT ... !!! "Your role will change,we'll re-arrange, your work schedule, and change your day !"
I don't need any crowd When I got any wound Nor I need anyone's help Because I can myself gulp All the pain and sorrow That from people, I borrow Bcuz no one is there for you When you can't flew
I'm SICK Now of Hearing ... This Word ... " Compromise " ... !!!!!
I suddenly have difficulty breathing as my throat begins to close, Everyone around me is looking at me, but no one here fully knows. That being in an unconventional environment is a trigger for me, 
If you wanted to see, The pieces of my heart. Look in the mirror.
I will not fear my name, cowering in the shadow of traits and opinions,
After: The White Man’s Burden by Kipling 1899After: Cool Hand Luke by Stuart RosenburgAfter: Preamble to the Constitution of the United States
No one ever tells you wha.
what if you were made of grass and you grew beneath my fully-formed form that is ever-transformingwould you feel and know the eco-arousal of our microbacterial exchangewould you be as satisfied as mewould you be ,...taking my words away from mei d
I recently realized I could re-draw all of my mythologies - after all i say never beg for power because the powerful never give or bestow power. they act in power.the powerless always has the power to do right.
Girls go to college for knowledge, apparently knowledge brings power
I am not your magic wand. I will not come when you beckon for my flesh. I will not grant your every wish like a genie in a lamp, a slave to your waking whim. I am not chained in bonds of service. Nathan is a free elf.
Yes, in fact I do know that I’m fat No, I don’t plan to change for you Yes, I plan to lose the weight someday, but if you think I owe it to you to do so, then you will never get the satisfaction of holding my hand.
You want me to feel broken Alone, nowhere to go I’ve heard the blades you’ve spoken I have the scars to show   But I won’t stand by complacent Won’t let you spread your hate
My Afro Stems from Kings and Queens  With Unruly curls  Just like Me. It’s not perfect 
Finally President of the United States, Zeus was pleased with himself. Or at least he might have been, had his wife not found out that he had cheated on her.  Again.
Do you hear the storm coming? feel the thunder shaking the ground? can you see the lightning in the distance? feel the wind weaving through your clothes? can you hear the rain getting closer and louder and heavier?
Forgiven not forgotten hard work for what I’ve gotten knocked down kept on knockin’ fell down kept on walkin’ Shut down  kept on talkin’ don’t give up
I wish you would just hit me But you got inside my bones and split me from the inside. I hate that I’m that girl who writes poetry about a boy to feel human again. But you’re not a boy,
Can I ask why are you staring? Could it be perhaps my size? Or is it cause I’ve got these planets swirling in my eyes?  
"mamá,  i’m not a kid anymore!" she raises her right eyebrow in disapproval— the look.  clack... clack...clack...
Limbs numb, Hearing lost, Tears dried, Anger Concentrated, Frustration built-up, Spirit broken.  
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
​So invincible he is, he can match against any tide or current. So insurmountable, he surmounts what’s seemingly insurmountable.He’s is not as strong as people think, but the people’s confidence in him makes him unbeatable.
I remember… It’s hard not to remember The pain you put me through…
The lady of the first sun, Hesitates to let her first world down That’s all she relies on All her life she had dreamed of raising this world Her people look up to her, While she cares and provides her heat
Biting wind makes music against my skin in the way my mother used to trace her fingers across my cheeks. The place where I stand on my own two feet, brought higher from the solitude,
feminism /ˈfeməˌnizəm/ noun
Looked down upon as a songbird With broken wings Whose feeble voice Could barely sing, But the forest floor
I Stand. The fires burn me and I stand. The people scorn me, and I stand. Darkness hunts me, and I stand.  
Before... I was a humble slave Bowing before your wishes. I attempted to craft myself to your pleasing But it never lasted.  
Robbed of a sweet childhood, you stole my innocence. I wanted to save you and you punished me for loving you. I wanted to take your pain away, you wanted to intensify my heartache.  
Fear can cause rapid beating, But to give up trying And end up screaming. It will all be consuming.   I cover my ears and run.
Her breathing reminds her of the sea  strong inhales like water being pulled from the sand building potential, building tension deep exhales hit like the force of waves 
  He played with me, Not knowing I commanded fire. He toyed with my hair, Hands so gentle yet eyes full of ire, Ogling who I have become, Full of desire, Seeking solace in havoc,
you're four and pocahontas is your world. mommy and daddy don't understand, 'you want to marry the princess? you can't.' (they don't know why you're confused.)
I like to put plastic bags over my head. I like to pull them down over my eyes, so I can’t see anything but the light that permeates them.
Our world is full of complexity that we face competitively. One thing we dread is the future in our head.   "Hush!" the powerful say, wanting us gone far away. Quietly we move on,
fear is powerful  fear is a driving force in our lives it can bring us together it can divide us  it is our one great motivator  fear tells us what we can do  fear tells us what we can't do 
Make it easy.
you took away two years of my life. i was locked inside the confines of your walls and weighed down by a sense of hopelessness.   i fought with every breath to be free of your chains.
My challenge was to climb three vertical beams that hang off of each other. No help from my team. Swaying back and forth, I used small pegs
Hi, I’m Mentally Ill but Is this actually a surprise?  I mean were you not able see past my fake smiles, my fake laughs and the fake face I put on each and everyday.
Do you know how frustrating it is, To be criss-crossed, Overturned, Outnumbered, By men who don’t see my worth?
Armies of men fall at the feet of Beauty, and we're taught that women are weak.   Men watch their brothers transform into monsters, and we're taught that real men don't cry.  
Confidence doesn’t like to be around me. He disguises himself, as Ego, then bursts out of my head.  The minute I catch him, he disappears.   Sometimes, I call for him.   
The sun Set on the King, His crown gleaming as he, Shrieked with hatred That the sun was commanding the attention Of the world.
Picture It   If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, What is the worth of a single word alone?  
Love can be very expensive,  so save your money up.  A bitter sweet combination  like lemon and honey stuff  Never ever forget about the prize Focus from the moment you begin 
The words pour from my body Like I had just learned how to speak I learned my words have power They can create and destroy But how they impact someone
The Irony in this Nation   How a color A sound Can trigger someone’s mind to hate  The accusations and discrimination that holds a great sense of problem in this white nation   
Feeling bored Much of my life has been this feeling Of being bored Something with a new key
Undocumented aliens, Racists see them as the enemies They’re trying to make a living for themselves, Not to mention for their families. Getting deported by I.C.E So hard to comprehend
Alright, enough with this nice girl bullshit It took too long to understand that an open hand can't hold shit 'Cause the more you give, the more they want
We humans, we stand united. We humans, we stand so strong. But some rights we are denied and We're told we do not belong.  
"Yo es fuerte." I met a girl who had gone through hell She had gone through and come back again I met a girl who had God in her eyes She had escaped without a trace of where she'd been She told me not to cry
I hear you. I see you. You are love. when others say “you’re not from here”. You are love. powerful lioness, protegiendo su leonsita. You are love. gracias, Mil gracias. You are love.
I have the Power to Presevere and inspire my Peers. I have the Power to Outweigh my Obstacles and Overcome my fears.
Be as Water Be as water, Flowing from falls into silt, Creating pools and streams, Moving around rocks And through openings in Masses of reeds.   Be as water,
I was lost and alone, Hopeless and afraid, Storms raging, endlessly... But I lit my own torch! I Braved my own storm! The mentor I had.....  Was ME.
The matted carpet on my head Wreaks of oils and creams It shrinks up like a dried raisin in the sun And festers like a pus-filled boil   If it’s out and wild
Many things I have been taught by the eloquence of words   most important and the same overlooked… I need not speak to be heard.  
my words have power like thunder in an otherwise quiet night they reach ears miles from their source a crack of light with each ink stain while the message is carried across cities  
poetry, poetry, poetry beyond my wildest dreams there you stand gracefully when I am drowning in a sea of pain you save me while I sing my sufferings you find ears to listen
Wisdom. It is the key to success for some. It is the driving motivation for others. It is the difference between all knowing and foolishness. It is not something aquired in a day, week, or even month.
It has taught me how to express myself in ways actions could not. It has molded me into someone who does not use the words can not.
Cunning, yet sweet, deceitful, but kind Please don't hurt her glass mind Cold to the touch and clear to understand She hopes no one sees the cuts she has The ones she makes with her very own hands
Every line has a meaning.  Emotions always flooding threw.  All heart is let out knowing what is really true no matter how long or short it is it always related to something that someone cares 
A poem is something You need no talent for But you feel like a king As you write more and more   All you need- a feeling Something to explore To give it all meaning
Tulips, The color of sweetened cream. Delicate, like the whisper, Lulling you into dreams.    Burning crimson, Cutting through chilled air, Precise on a frozen branch,
Cloudy days won't pass by fast enough. Because my heart is broken and I'm yearning for your love Days feel like centuries since my baby up and left me. Now I'm greving, sad and filled with sorrow
The ache of my hands My innermost feelings bleeding onto the page Like hot fiery lava I am the volcano with the weight of the world inside my heart Just seconds away from erupting
I am a fucking phoenix. You can tear me down You can burn my body Leave me in the ashes of memories And even blow them across the floor
A gruesome and brutal beast is faced, Knees in the dirt and knuckles in the sand, When reality’s slitted eyes are bared to us, Raping, scraping, gaping into our soul,
All of a sudden that pencil started screaming at you.   Why aren't you drawing? Why aren't you writing? Why aren't you creating Something to lessen the babble of the world?  
You hear me?   Stay to my left cuz I am right with you, I see the light in you, Bared witness to the might but as well as the spite in you, Felt blood and tears that were lead by the fight in you. 
A college grad, a vet, and strong melanin rich queen  On the outside looking in, you think I got it all figured out You see my accomplishments and drive I seem motivated and always ready to strive
I have late night conversations with the moon  She tells me about the sun And I tell her about you  What we used to do underneath her other half  And during her time when we went our different paths 
Him. I imagined him.  He held me. How nice it was. His kiss was power. His flaws belonged to me. His losses drained me. I lost a part of who I was. I became cold and rigid. I began to doubt.
Trouble Is An Object, You Don't Really Want It. Pass It To The Next Man, Maybe He Will Want It.   Maybe He Will Flaunt It, Attracted To Its Danger. Or Draw Back And Cast It, In The Direction Of His Anger.   Trouble Is An Object, That Can Transform
He sat in a corner, all hunched up and scared. His eyes red and streaming from his cloudy mind. His jeans ripped just as his cheek is; His hair mangled just as his shirt is.
Lust is a strength unlike any other Causing grief and agony in its wakeIt trembles across your fingertipsAs you type a message
Im sleeping on the inside With my eyes open wide Inside I feel uninspired But my eyes show my true side I want to win,win,win! And live life and not just exist Get the boat to the shore
Dear mentor, I will forever be thankful to thee For the wisdom you have imparted to me. Many things are not equal in life But everyone gets the same 24 hours a day. None of which we will ever get back
Why  Why am I still afraid of you Why do I still cower Or feel the urge to run away You have this power over me Maybe you just took it and  Never gave it back I certainly didn't hand it to you
Dear 1929, No shoes, no food, no water, The Great Depression is here. No toys, no games, no clothes, Kids like me have so much to fear. No roof on top of my head at night,
We are the unfortunate ones, The ones forged by ash and claimed by fire, The ones whose whispers they hear as they dance through the blood red sky,
You are forgiving Although your strength can rip all things tangible And envelop them, Carry them to your darkest depths And coldest crevices …
Every time I had to deal with your altitude Every single problem ranges in amplitude Breaking my barrier with your end behavior
Dear Colored People, Colored or not! We are people and should be treated as so. Colored or not! I still have to take on the many challenges that come within a day.
A twinkle in a kind souls eye,Lights smile with a single try.Sheepish grin, unsure of speach,A brush of hand, while just in reach.
  A man can learn all that he can, Can know so much he need not plan, Could see it all, across all worlds, And yet he’d be but half a man.   With sight Omnipotent he has,
Power Dynamics are strange. We would like to think that everyone is equal to everyone, But in reality We are all bouncing from one power dynamic to the other Never truly finding equality between partners
I am black  And I am a girl  And with these traits I hold danger in my arms like a mother to a son she wasnt ready for  How could you ever be ready for the world when the world isnt ready for you ?
I loved a man who broke my heart Haven’t we all I loved him deeply from the start That was my first mistake   I just should have waited
As the day passes I see the colors Of my body changes .Saffron throat ,Orange hands ,Green legs ,Grey hands ..
Enormous, silent flashes Fill the arid night Lightning so bold it reveals clouds For many an arid mile   One, two seconds apart A jovial dance Performed on a stage
We live in a world that takes a little bit too much advantage from us We live in a world that expects each and every living individual to be far from perfect
Dearest You, I didn't leave because I didn't care for You  I didn't flee because I didn't want You  I didn't disappear because I didn't love You  Absolutely perfect You  Seemingly seamless You 
things fall apart but that is only the start  of a journey that may last days  or years  full of things, only you can hear  you travel down a path made of gravel encrusting you with scars 
blooming from my darkest parts begun the change in my heart shifting with sunshine my flowers are growing, wisdom and knowledge flowing showing me my power & potential
To my ambition, To my dreams.   At first, you popped into my mind Like a grape from a vine, Whilst I watched Youtube videos of
when you hurt me you seem to forget that with every punch with every cut with every gash with every slap you are just  making tears fall that will water a tree
Pain It hides in all of us  Some more than others  Pain  For some, it's a monster Lurking in a deep abyss It's malicious smile  Grinning in the dark  Pain 
You are the sun, I am the moon. Not entirely related, Not entirely necessary to have one for the other to survive. But both entirely important, But both entirely loved.  
The stars in his eyes  Sparkle like the midday sun Always guiding me   He supports my dreams Letting me live through white stars And the steam of my coffee   He compliments me
Love is a powerful word used by weak people. Not one person can carry this word in their mouth without wanting to spit it back out to the closest person they know.
Ambition a constant hunger I advise you - Beware the quiet genius Cunning, unnervingly discerning Don’t underestimate me You see me sit in silence
The words they lay unbending on the page they wait for her She blows The words they tumble as rivers of ink off the paper She knows
Suddenly I became ur reflection in my mirror.Suddenly things have changed when the worlds' issues grew bigger.And overtime I mesmerized about the shit that i was sick of.Putting in work for people who couldn't care to even pickup.My moral benefits
Come here, and lend your ear. For there is a word That you really must hear. If not, life would be unassured. So listen, please, I ask a favor.
dark room   frizzy fibers enter my nails, anticipation sets in   the bird is hungry   ears open,
#Believing in one another #Embracing our differences #Complimenting each other
Honestly, I was born in the wrong era into a time of progression my values constantly put down because I'm "special." No, just different. So go ahead and critisize I may be a traditionalist
Because I love you I will put you over me, You before me. Because I love you Respecting you will come before all, No matter where we go. Because I love you Your dreams will be mine,
He was a child when he figured out his life plan. Heartbreaker. Maybe he know his future occupation would consist of broken Tears seamlessly Streaming
I have discovered the perfect plan. One that will keep thoughts and others at bay. I will learn their ways, their ideas, and emotions. I will be the perfect victim. I will learn to talk and say what is expected.
He probes, what are we?I utter, what are we supposed to be?There was still dubietyAmidst them and their duty He bestows a philosophyWe aren’t yet,The kind of allianceThat we should be
Once upon a starry night Still is dark but seems so bright   The way the world just disappears Into your eyes into your fears  
Aurora is the definition of beauty- skinny and p-r-e-t-t-y. Who needs a personality when men will fall for your appearance?   Ariel is selfless and brave.
When the summer sets and the last pages are closed put me in postscript.
Once upon a time...There lived a beautiful blonde babyWith skin kissed by the sun Her black is more beautiful than goldAs the story
Remain stuck, to figure out ways to cross the bridge Across it, lies the finish line that We cringe for Be dammed before you dont try and reach it Have faith in your alliegance So never fade, We meant it  
Remain stuck, to figure out ways to cross the bridge Across it, lies the finish line that We cringe for Be dammed before you dont try and reach it Have faith in your alliegance So never fade, We meant it  
  Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside. And she shows the world how she can freeze hell over with one stare.  
  Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside. And she shows the world how she can freeze hell over with one stare.  
The power of poetry is so brilliant and true The power of poetry is surely you The power of poetry is in true love's first kiss The power of poetry is when a Prince rescues his Queen
Once upon a time, there was a bird who spoke of love My nightingale believed in love, this magic she spoke of Knowledge and philosophy is my true power
yesterday we used to pray today you say it ought not be that way I was born in the gutter my mother was a whore she sold her junk in the trunk in back of the liquor store I was raised by my grandma Mable
The World of Bi is an interesting place For all is divided into two  One is treated like gold The Other is treated a fly- Shoo!   One is the standard That all must adhere
It may not always be easy, it may not always seem right but the path to higher consciousness is always in plain view, in clear sight It is of course the path less traveled by,
I am unstoppable, limitless, unbeatable...ME I can do what I want, and I want to be...ME Everything inspires me, nothing ever tires me I am constantly discovering the new that I am, have become, am about to be
Loved and praised  By innate wisdom and passion Yet loathed by skeptics. The lust - to behead his spirit, shatter the bones
Once upon a time. . . There lived a princess called snow white.Her skin as pale as snow.Her hair of ebony glow.Her lips as red as blood.Yet her beauty was still shunned.
Unable to speak out with all the screaming People trying to be noticed in this vast and unforgiving world Filled with negative energy and unbearable violence
Oh say can you see America I breathe Powerful and free   Stop trying to bring us down   The best in the world But I am only a girl Am I allowed to dream?  
Oh Chicago, how you eat its young with passion in the night. Oh Chicago, how you reveal a love soliloquy from Frank himself.
Simply stunning stars on a block of blue fabric blown by the wind, shooting left and right like the bullets between our soldiers
We live in a society where defiance of authority is insubordinate. Where the human race individualism comes correlative. To perform an action that the people see as unethical, Yet we struggle in a world that is identical.
power? Is that what you ache for?
We've grown up being told that we can become anything. But the white lies turn into  the darkness that consumes you. Because once your hopes get high enough, they come crashing down and
She's a woman, what has she to say? Truth be told, I could list off every issue, I could tell you all day. I know how you think, I know how your mind works. After all, being male has to have its perks.
I’m laughing, smiling, Dancing like I own the world at age seven. Stars handpicked like strawberries for only my eyes to eat Nothing could tear me down.  
Around age thirteen, freshman year is where life began for me Rising up from my cocoon so that the world would take notice of my identity I was quiet but passionate, Reserved but determined
of all the sauces the one that's the best that's head over heels and tops all the rest with a helping of spice and a helping of zest is siracha sauce. you can put it on pizza you can eat it with lime
From this point forward, I shall march into the battle And fight until the end.   From this point forward, I shall be my own commander. No one else will issue my orders.  
There was a time not so long ago When my mind was like a ball of yarn Tightly wound Thread upon strict thread And I was certain of one thing: My shape would not change And I would remain as I was
Candles sit on the ledge, each prosperous flame unique, Talk, whisper, scream, and dance they do with unrelenting passion.
You wanted me to be a princess and you my knight  and for us to live forever in everlasting light  live in a beautiful castle happy ever after  fill our days with love and laughter  But I'm a dragon, not a maid 
Your love has wrapped around me, like a quilt fabricated of the never-ending world, There is a song that you sing, a voice soft as silk, and sweet as honey, My fathers arms have held me tight,
Things are good, I'm happy yes, you're making more money than most people your age Im doing well, doing it without school too School was never  for you anyway I'm close to my peak Here she comes who?
     If the Angels fell for women how long can man escape from the snare of women. Her words hold the weight of the world. She speaks happiness into a mans life. She multiplies the seed of man.
I apologize My self-consciousness is heavy My pride is immesive And as the years go on, my happiness has only gotten more expensive  For you, and only you.
I am more than a small waistline and an hourglass figure I am powerful and wise I am they that gave birth to a thousand generations
You all are followers You seem to forget identity. You all are in search of conformity You seem to settle with docility.   Opinions are not for sale They have gone out of style.
My whole life has been leading up to this class-this moment. I am in AP Art. I’ve made it.  I’m one of the strong ones, holding tight through the current
I lie here and I think about what we could of had, you were like a puzzle to me that I wish to put together you always seemed down, and I wanted to bring you up you seemed to be lost, and I thought I found you
Her prowess is unparalleled, Suppression never dissuaded all that she is-- An ephemeral incandescence-- ceasing relentlessly
He walks with a step more than man Bowing beneath the doorway of her room And when he speaks it replaces the air Like cigar smoke He urges her to sit as he lights the fireplace Though she is already hot  He stalks to her and his fingertips are rou
test me  i dare you: because one day i will have had enough  and you will realize that though i may be a freak  i am a freak to be reckoned with so remember that when you go to push me down 
Words are imporant, Flashy or dull, However the meaning changes, With the way the person behaves, Without an ear to listen, They are only sound in a world of many, Without a mind to comprehend,
There are days without light days made of permanent night. days full of hateful thought days where it's all for not. everything is void, chaos, making me paranoid. There is but one thing
The struggle to wake up and take that first blink in the morning Unable to get up your tossing and turning   Finally the smell of breakfast grabs your attention
And I am tired, and I am alone. Shout it from the rooftops, It should be known. As a whole we "somehow grown." But how am I still tired, and how am I still alone
Why do i complain? What can i solve? Just a girl standing at five one, I couldn't stand tall if my God had blessed me so. A loser from a small town, in one small school in one small district 
Colorful rain in the distorted form of paint droplets splash upon my windshield, sometimes I feel happy- other times I feel that I'm too disconnected and long to be sealed.
You see and then connectFrom rebound to rebound, it’s all in your headthese broken souls, and misfortunate eventsare completely suppressed, once you take them to bedtrapped in a body of sinful debt
I took a commemorative driveBack to a town that glorified the wiseIt was 500 miles and three packs of cigarettesThe crisp, burning sound embedded in my head
The moon brings me power The earth is my home And blood provides my strength I am a hunter of the night A Goddesses daughter The child blessed by Nix, Selene, and Hete I am blessed by dark, by moon, by night
Your first day at a new schoolThe first time I turned around in class to ask you a questionThe first time I gave you a ride to soccer practiceThe first time we went skiing in Colorado together
  Knowledge New, Delightful Learning, Encouraging, Discovering Waking up to learn new things Power
Born a Prince, I was guided and groomed by the Alimighty (to be a King). Mentored, thrown into the thorns until through and through I was thickened- and taught to triumph.  No doubt, I was tailor made for the throne.   
we learn to hate to slice and maime to choose our possessions  and keep souls bound and chained   every mortal wants to be immortal every one wants to be free what is keeping us so imprisoned
A tower resides over many people. A bunch of villagers rush to the ornate and shiny tower. There is a plank that carries the long house and, The plank is held by the mob of people. The people just need to
Poetry is a powerul drug you take a free sample you fall in love and get addicted to the fragrance of the scented similes and the taste of the flavorous hyperboles   Love a sight
Beautified by mountains, lakes and wildlife, Africa is innocent in alluring sunrises and sunsets. She is that child born beautiful and strong, Loveable in majestic dances and laughter,
I am poetry  My words fly with the birds and the bees  My definition of poetry is being free  My poetry is deeper than the ocean with explosive emotions  It can be more violent than the push and pull of waves
Kiss my neck, softly. Treat it as if it was a baby and you didn't want to be responsible for the damage. Whisper sweet nothings into my ear as if you were walking on the edge of a pier. 
  2am Time for the money That's what she lived by Beautiful girl, Spiral curls that swayed at her waistline
I'm going to tell you a story. It's about a girl who thought she was extraordinary.
I am the early bird Leaving my nest on the daily to catch my worm But I am not your usual early bird, For I just never catch the worm. The early bird that’s always unlucky.
It was bestowed by teachers and speakers A gift that highlights this reality Bringing universal air to readers All listeners can hear life’s fallacy   This gift is my liaison to masses
I read that words have the power to change us and for the longest time, I refused to believe it.
Take hold of thy pen, Crawl within my den, The world appears free, For the beholder is me, I caress the page with my wants, No sour stranger can ever taunt, In the world of love and poetry,
  Where our voice cannot reach Poetry is the bridgework We write what we cannot say out loud And our voices are deafening  
Voices in the dark Madness, that defiant spark Words, Rhythm, Poetry, Rhyme Escape, Express The Truth is mine. My speech on paper, The world unkind, Speak out with thunder
  Hello from the other side. A darker side of life where you are the last brown crayon to be picked in the box.
I’ve had a passion for spoken word for the longest time now. But, I never thought I was capable of becoming a poet. I knew I had the desire to write, To open up people’s minds.
Somebody yells Glass hurls into a wall Hands draw up; a half-hearted attempt at a protection that shouldn't be needed.
Looking through a bleak view. I’m not as weak as they assume. It was a dark time, in a dark room. How can this world be flat when everything has been spinning out of control? I needed someone to be there and not let me unfold.
We cannot say what we are not,  
When I write I never ask why. I never had to think about it. It always just happened. But it wasn't until I noticed That I write to survive, I write because words can save lives.  
A Wise Man is the Common Man; and the common be the wise One sits lavished in a chair, while the other bites back at his demise You cannot say this is not true; for a strong truth brings the lie
Without words, our world would be so blurred and absurd. For ages, I have tried to look up the pages to why words are so outrageous and contagious. If I ponder a little longer I can conclude that words are stronger than any monster.
Hello Darkness,
Am I invisibleWhen my arms wave for aidAm I bothering the peopleShunned and ashamedMy lungs fill with mistakesFour gallons of heart acheI fall to my endInside me
We start with theCrackling record of “Gloomy Sunday”Playing in the backgroundThe melody goes on slowlyBare feet moving carefullyto the romantic sound300 sextillion stars surround us
“We’re all just some punks, miserable creaturesWith our human goal to be: enhancing all of our featuresFurther into the caves, intentions become deeperLike killing your local preacher and to blame it on the teacher
Time creates a turning circleWhere my words playTangled and hurtful
In her eyes the world started off small and to her surpriseit was a sin to grow oldAge wasn't the purpose of her discovery, rather than the wisdom that came with no recovery
I am not a winner because I haven't fallen into the trap of sensitivityI have lost because my peers dramatize every little thingI am not a winner because I don't support implausible charities
We the peopleCreated the definition of insanityContinuously birthing another thesis to "protect" all of humanity
To whom it may concern,Yesterday I took a walk and I saw a birdHe flew in the opposite directionso I followedMy legs became weak, my head was so hollowHe led me directlyto a well
She used to trace her eyes with a path of blackI assumed it was to grab attentionShe would perfectly fill in her acne scars’ gapsMaybe it was to be the best additionBarbie dolls, and Maybelline models
As I sit in my chair, practicing the traditions of bowing, blessing my heirThe thrown is now emptyMy body melts in the chairDrinking and reminiscingAbout the dynasty he created
On the corner looking at the window The world is ahead Full of dreams full of wonder too eager to be a part of that chaos again After staying idle for a while ‘knew it was time to move and be useful
Problems of mankind are caused by the tongues of men.  You see our tongues could either be a blessing or a help to cause sin  
Clumsy moves on tippy toes spinning on those itchy carpet floors vibrant colors and familiar smells he takes it all he takes some more... mothers voice and soothing hands knotted hair and sticky fingers
Black, I am Black We are women We are recognized The pain is gone God helped us regain our confidence and strength We faced our daily struggles
A purpose to strive for is all that I need. A purpose to fulfill is the goal of my deeds. As long as I have a purpose, my actions will be planned and my thoughts will be organized,
For four years, I didn’t hear the world around me For four years, I lived in comfortable silence For four years, I communicated using only the two good hands God gave me For four years, I was deaf  
days like these i miss you warm, windy days of summer 2,853 miles apart
Being stuck on an island, devoid of possessions A state which may lead to spiraling depressions   Though I were granted a chance to prepare To minimize the effect of my deserted despair  
Nowadays most people think that if you have money you have power They’re not wrong You do have power You have the power of gaining fake friends You have the power to open alluring doors to negativity
Someone once told me  A man doesn't cry He also isn't weak Alright, ok So, I should become a machine incapable of emotion then? What's so wrong with crying every now and often?
We live in a world where morals don’t exist, Where there is violence, hate and children who cut their wrist. Where it’s “okay” to look down on others for their lack of things,
I sit and ponder to the melody of muse, Doth time control all, or am I misguided? For if any soul be more than a mindless misuse, and while passion’s crucial catalyst remains undecided,
Farewell, old friend. “Friend”, a term I hated to be called by you. A naïve conclusion on my part, looking in retrospect.
I need my melanin  as crazy as that sounds my melanin screams I am who I am,  I need my melanin its my sense of confidence and power,
The King of Shadows Was broken in battle When a man stepped up and got nailed to a cross but He was not lost no, even Death He fought  not for Himself but for us even our soul had been marked
Limp limbs pulled taut, Head high, gaze empty. Strings pull lips into grimaces Everyone sees through and believes. The day begins.   Clumsy stumbling through daily routines,
As the days goes My mind grows Sharper than knives Sweeter than the honey hives My character shows And the wise knows Beautiful be my people Yeah you know the ones with the wide nose
Of the nails on the cross through the hands, All I need is the blood of the Lamb. Of the Light piercing the Darkness, All I need is the grace of the One True King. Of the penetrating power of his might,
Lost in common misconceptions and perceptions From society's closed eyes Searching for direction In the darkness of deception Deciphering the lies   With my mind's eye
Listen, I’m tired of pretending I’m tired of pretending that just because I’m young, I don’t know anything I’ve been through stuff that would blow your mind In 5th grade, I remember it
My own silence most terrifies me While freedom is my savior We must close our eyes Rise above the noise And speak louder than blockades I need my voice to say no I need my voice in highs and lows
Can’t Live Without By Thao-Cathleen Vo   Can’t live without Love, because Without love what is life? Why continue to breathe if No one wants to hold your hand and Reassure you, Show you,
"The shadows are long The shadows are dark They always lurk They leave no mark  The shadows are big The shadows are deep The shadows fall As the world sleeps The shadows return
I'm awaken coldness brushes against my cheek tears slowly pouring out of my eyes step-by-step
Just Black By: Jordan Edwards Whatever we say or do we just black. JuJu black, milk chocolate, caramel, vanilla  if theres a notion that your black, your black.
There's something I need to tell you, My story is short enough to expose.  I am no saint,
It doesn't peel away, but I can take it off It makes me feel beautiful But I can wipe it with a cloth. Compliments from boys all day Somehow boosts my confidence, but It's not me, It's my mask they see
" I am a women of Power" with strength and matter, all girls matter, i am strong and made of steel, i can make all things come real, with a heart of gold my heart is my soul, I am a women,
Life is no fun when you're counting it by the hours Life is worth living when you’re gazing at this flower Of what has become and what’s going to be It stands bright and strong after stung by honeybees
Closed walls, walled hearts narrow halls, hollow parts. A man alone, set apart Black Turnstone, hidden heart. High throne, thin skin
i was the nobody in the hall, the loaner on the wall, i’ve walked in those same off brand running shoes that’s why this new poem  that i wrote right here is dedicated to you.
I am a black male I am a teen i am a leader searching for the way I am somebody to take action I am someone who wants something I am destined for greaness I am looking I am searching
Singer 1: It hurts me to hurt others And you deserve my pain As much as you deserve A trip on heaven's train   Singer 2: My anger's hit its tragic end But I'm more hurt inside
The words you have to say The feelings you can't shake Fear will tell you, "Wait," Because Fear is not afraid She does not hold back or quake She does not waver or make mistake Fear knows what she does
You are the tears that stain these pages You create pain that lasts for ages You are the wind that rips cities apart You are the words that break so many hearts You are the mind that spawns he lies
I’m a femme fatalemy father taught me wellLike Mata Hari my charms arefor my victims to dispelLike the mistress Laura Bellthe Queen of London Whoredomone day I may find the Lord but
Who Am I? I am not an idea I am not who you want me to be
    Who am I? A question asked by many Asked  by my job to score a penny I am an outspoken force to be reckoned with   What is your ethnicity? I am a Panamanian Princess
When a person looks at themself, all they see is the skin and all the basic features- eyes, ears, mouth, hair (or lack thereof). That's it. That's all.    And, that mentality in itself is a shame.
Whiskey-colored rays of light coming from the window dragged me out of bed.
Every step taken, brings you towards something new   A fresh plain an even higher plateau    Do not take anything to heart   For its fragile yet constantly resilient 
I am 4 years old all pink dress, all blond hair, all blue eyes when strangers ask my name i tell them, that i am princess peach                                               
Ladies? Are we worthy of the title? Such beautiful masterpieces  Being scammed out of our worth by theives Who expect me to believe That my ass makes me relevant And my intelligence makes me a prude
I am not perfect I am not a champion I am not above the world But I am... Resilient I am strong enough to weather the storms of life I am able to overcome all that life throws my way
The weakness of being taken. I can't be taken from unless I am taken by. I can't be taken from somebody until I am somebody's to be taken from.
Don’t fall in
I am the weight that makes the ground beneath me Tremble When I land on my feet. I am the storms that plow through lands and tear Right through civilization's seams.
What flavor? Greed Prideful Helpful Will your throne be covered in jewels? Or rotten teeth... Stroll around in furs... Or give someone a good word... Power... What flavor?
I am more than me All the burdens on my back
she brought me into this world, 19 and unsure. she is a queen among royals.  now I am 19 and unsure, and if I had a child of my own i would be stuck in a much deeper hole than I am right now. 
Oh ,wicked fiends
In sunshine or rainIn pleasure or pain   In trial or triumphYou are my Godand You are enough.   You make the day,and end the night,Thank you Lordfor my religious rite.  
Sometimes when the world isn't nice to us, we forget how special we are
I dream a never ending story. The message is still not clear on this very morning. I am soaring over the valley safe from harm. I defy gravity, wind beneath each arm. Steady in flight I continue to soar.
And then he touched me He said it was ok, we were a trust, trust me and then he touched me again And it doesn't go a way Because he touched me I'm a defect a goner I was pricked with disease
don't talk to me about what i can't do because i know what i can and that's everything "the sky is the limit" they say  what they should say is "i am your limit  
The furious sunflower grewup and out fromthe moronic cliffin adversarial passiondespising the repressionto bloom in magnificent effulgenceagainst the odds of austerity.
The rich are rich. The poor are poor. Those in between  Aren't there anymore.    The land of the free Isn't free without money, Which, unfortunately, 
My mind is the only thing that is entirely mine.  And although it has been touched by this world a few too many times,  It remains in a place that is far away  From all that the world has decayed.   
I sit down quickly In fear of collapsing due to the pain The truth has suddenly arrisen To painful to bear To strong to forget The way it went down was all wrong It started with the necklace
Your skin, it breathes Your hair, it speaks, Your mouth it loves. You speak gods into the minds of men and your silence shakes the Earth that supports you Its hard to feel awesome, when pain lingers
You are the element of life,
Its Insanity out there, in the world, in this society we know, we love, we created. That we allow ourselves to be hated, by each other by others by something we created.
It's poetry it's freedom it's english it's knowledge it's strength it's hope it's power it's me
Death of the Body
Who am I? I am a roiling boiling ocean Of magma Lying just beneath the surface Of an active volcano. I am emotions: Good feelings Relief, caring, compassion, Joy Bad feelings
The grids The line The time The home The cost The Animal The lost The smile The frown The money The crown The city The state The Nation
*/ /*-->*/ Where I once was never to be the trees do fall the night never to call  
There are 26 letters in the English language. There are thousands of words There are millions of sentences and you control this entity with your one mouth To build empires To tear down nations
Take, take, take, All you do is take Give, give, give, You struggle to give Feed your children Feed your people Allow your kind to thrive To reach the sky Allow them to shine bright
It can move mountains, can reveal fountains, of life and breath,
How to find it is my dilemma. Where is it hiding, or am I hiding from it? The power in me I feel swelling. It is a dark purple wave at night, rippling, rising, roiling,
Black is the color. Black is the color of my skin. Black so firm , so bold. My roots enriched with this color, Reassures myself. Black is the color of my love. My family. My body. My soul.
  Skin can break bones can shatter but words will forever ffill the air. Unbreakable  filled with power. They win wars and stop hate. They can be used for greatness.
Who is most infallible? Perhaps it is Alexander the Great, The man who owned the world, Feared by all Subject to none.   After 4 years I too will take the world by storm,
You were so sweet I knew better than to try to consume you all at once If i over indulge then my stomach would ache So i told myself "maybe just a taste" But you weren't composed of artificial flavors
why,  at the age of five do I ask myself  "why"?  Why does my dad tell me he has to go away for a long time?  Why am I the only one left?  Why does my mom speand so much time alone with her friends instead of me? 
I don't appreciate  when you approach me just to tell me that I'm so blessed  with such a sexy body.  And you have no right to be offended when  I don't kiss the ground you walk on
Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner Who's next? Me?
Excuse me, But i'm just tryna get your attention from this world of mixed dimensions And worthless misconceptions engulfing the perceptions that I am not beautiful   You see,
A face that's kind, With just few zits. A smile that is funnier than an orange rind, With a really slow wit.   A walk without balance or grace. A mind filled with irrational fears.
I like to think that my words ar
Even though my fingers may curl, and my ankles wobble as I walk, that does not mean that I am less.
Body uncomfortable,mind Unstable Is my body so uncomfortable That I hide under tables for Comfort Use to aspire to be a Huxta
You gazed at me like I was wildfire,
Plans for the future
While your mind sits listlessly on its throne, mine ventures to the edges of imagination. Opening up doors you unknowingly pass by, taking notes all the while,
I wonder what I can give, as far as wisdom goes,   for I am somewhat young and have many years to live. The cool Autumn wind blows
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
I am the solver to problems I am quiet and un-costly
Stand straight, shoulders back, chin up, eyes forward. Think fast, speak little, assume none, shield all. Be good, follow rules, don't question, respect honored. Stay quaint, fall in line, don't be different- so banal.
when i wake up
You know perfection Is a man-made word Because it is shallow. Though its implications are potent, No poetry projects from its reflection –
An hour every morning spent on my  make up and my hair I switch my outfit three times befor I walk out the door I dont do this for the attention of some flawed attraction, but I do this for me.
Flawless is a word, an adjective that describes something or someone that  Does not have defects or faults, none that diminish the value of something
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
I am a new beginning A jump across a puddle and two hops to the left Press start. Look up. The dreams no longer satisfy who I am   I am a force  Not a physical matter to measure
Tell me where these flaws derive from? Itching from the grass under our feet; to the hands we so dearly want to hold. Is there a text book, a guide of some meticulous sorts. Iv never found a universal perfection. We spit that word out.
I've always had dreams Most people do But mine have become more Maybe not so fancy But practical and thats all I could ever ask for. I'm still standing tall Even after all I've been through
My skin. The skin you want to mark. Why should I let you?
From day to day we fight to see the beauty behind thee, these cuts we cover dust to find the strength within the idea of we, anger leads to failure to go where we strive to be, denial of hope in the beauty we do not see,
Soft, Calm, Cataclysm Thats what I call a storm Barely suppressed fury Thats what I call a storm
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
For Losing shall I ever be Great      Losing long nights of pain  Before they found her Quenching the thirst of my innocece Saturating my pillow from sorrow       For Losing I am Confidence
Who's wild and crazy A girl who's set free someone who listens but can talk to those in need
She stands looking in the mirror and what does she see ? what she appears to be  a young woman of faith  filled with promises from above Her flaws run deep  yet she is washed clean
Do not fear, young manJust swallow your pride
With the music of the sirens, We each turn our ear; We think of tomorrow, Though we cower in fear. Yes, the broken and bleeding, You have us standing right here. Will you fire on your own people?
Twisted lies and teary eyes These news titles on the rise Wrong perspectives, strong objectives Activists are the real detectives Police brutality? Our reality? Families surviving on calamity
I see a glass half empty, empty? isnt that bad?
Perfect, That I am, So perfect in fact, My name is Sam.   From my head to my toes, From the wrinkle in my nose, The perfect five foot height, The perfect far-sighted sight.  
Color me blind and show me the world You want the money the cars and the girls But I want the rage that comes with the passion The infinity that comes from the intimacy As we create sweet symphony
My shoulders are drooping underneath the heavy weight of expectation. I'm being dragged by the leash of society.
As I pick up my violin, And rosin the bow, I feel ready to let the music free, One small note, Then a scale, One by one, The notes fly, And when the last note turns to mute,
So you want to know me? No filter, no edit. How am I to know? I'm only 19. Sometimes I am brave and strong and want to fight for the world. Other times I am sad and scare and want to cry for the world. Me
Backbone made of brick she towers over the chaotic terrain
My crooked smile and loud laugh Are things that make me flawless   My hyperactive crave for change Are things that make me lawless   My 4'10" stature and petite frame Attribute to my smallness
Analyze me.   Let your eyes wander over me; Map me, like the untamed land I am.   Explore me: my faults, my strengths, and my all.   I am a universe, my depths are infinite.
Perfection is a plauge spreading through their bones. Perfection is an irrational conclusion to simplistic ideas. Perfection is a sense of security that everyone craves. Perfection is based on the fear of being different.
america  bbq and Budlight corporations
What is the true meaning of flawless A hope, an ideal, a dream that one may fit society's standards? Is it influence? A man, woman, or child that tries to make the world better,
I saw it but I held my breath 
I am flawless because I have flaws, I am flawless because I work hard. I am flawless because I have weaknesses, I am flawless because I don't discard. I hold onto my emotions, my appearance,
I walk around, wondering. I wonder, how will the future be. The future seems promising. The promise is withheld by each individual. Each individual seems unknown of the promise to withhold.
All across the nation people are searching for retaliation.
It's easier to be alone where you know no one can touch you. It's easier to be alone because you don't have to care for anyone. It's easier to be alone because you know you can't hurt anyone.
I saw ribs, I saw bones, I ad-libbed, My lungs filled I with stones. I saw her eyes; Green like the sea, Looking up at cloudless skies; Bel esprit. Who; Can I be?
(A.K.A 'Question')Why praise God, onlyto curse & challenge His namewhen a trial comes?
I am strong, No matter how many times you tell me I'm weak. 
You'd never see me The true me, the real one inside Because my heart's been broken and I've learnt how to hide I took my feelings and locked them in a cage And there they've stayed while I have aged
Soothing sound of water Sprays mist on your face Waterfalls have such power And grace!
I am the child born on a late Winter evening. I am the woman you never desire leaving. I am the lady scanning frantically in libraries. I am the hopeless romantic ending February.
Many people like to judge others, Because they're afraid to themselves be judged. They are terrible bothers, All because they're afraid their own bodies are too pudged.   I disagree with that flawed logic,
“You chubby good for nothing hog.”“Maybe if you go on a diet you won't break everything.” Starving, and crying. Starving and crying. Starving and crying,
You captured kings and warriors and now our bloodline fights back You underestimated the mystery and power behind those of us who are black You saw our strength and resilience and said “They’ll be fine to do our work”
Gay. Respectable. Intelligent. Deviant. I'm all of these things And none of them. My identity is contradictory. Exsistence, a paradox.   Wandering and lost
I was given the name Colin They didn’t want me called Colon
Never fail to notice your intuition Enduring life When it becomes chaotic Compelled to make rapid decisions My mind is gifted
SILENCE  No one make a sound as I closed my mind and invasion a new place of peace 
As the crowd’s conclusions falls to hush                 I could make the joker spin and blush At the lies I tell and the mask I wear At the chances I take in double dares My skin changes colors as chameleons
I am a moon dragged through the ever present void of space filled with holes lacking a proper apnospere to protct me from the realities of our world stars burn my skin  but I remind myself 
I don’t want to be a robot, someone’s invention
The alarm goes off. My sheets fly off me and my feet hit the ground running. My family wakes up. Mom is putting on her uniform and dad puts on his collar. My house comes to life. 
Because a Queen is not a Queen without her King. A woe-man is nothing without man woe - suffering
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister
You see only the honey that drips from my tongue; I sit in anticipation for the day I bare my fangs and reveal the blood on my teeth. I'll add your heart to my collection,
There are voices telling you thatLaying in bed and crying all day is normal.You're just an "average teenager."It's just hormones.
Sometimes I think the weather follows me.The moon she still watches melike the day I was born.The storm on the air, it destroys with me.Lightning from inside of meleaves us blistered and torn.
I am trying so hard not to say soft thingsbecause I am strongand distantand do not have tender feelings.Because you hurt me and I,I am far too powerful for that.
Let me straddle your mind Let me lay on top of your thoughts Rubbing & caressing each care away Interrupting them with each touch & feel I can open you up, to love, lifting you up Giving you a high
Watch him go! The silly thing The pitiful, puny, ugly thing Six grabbing Appendages Crawling up the table leg The shadow of my finger Chasing him Scramble home,  little bug,
Its been said money makes the world go round, what does marry do?  what is once lost will one day be found. is that true? what goes up, will come back down?   does anyone have a single clue?
i am not the story
                                                                                                RESPECT Respect is earned It shouldn’t be taken for granted It is shown to anyone who deserves it Respect is earned
I will remain silent
So many lessons cannot be taught but experiencedLi
Music uplifts the strings on my guitar,Hockey uplifts the puck on my stick,Education uplifts the knowledge in my head,Preparedness uplifts the opportunities in my life,Work uplifts the money in my pocket,
How to be demonstrative of positive? I suggest gladness is an evocative, And through a consequence of the causative; a presence of your highest prerogative.   It’s rare to find care in a world of unfair.
The time has come once more To race for a royal position Much harder than it was before The skills must be in superb condition   The race is not an easy one You have to survive through thick and thin
The crimson color of the dying leaves Remind me of when I was there: in relief. I watch the colors float off the branches And the clouds are perfectly fluffy. The creator of all this fashioned a thought
Faith People say that we are molded by our experienes I have looked death in the face I have seen friends perish People have burned before my eyes My future was never certain Each day became a gift
Stand. Even if you’re weeping. Even if you’re blind. Even if you have collapsed so many times before. Stand. Find someone to lean on. Someone whose smile has set off fireworks in your chest.
The shadow s
Let me mix my colors with yours it’s the human triumph and universal theme to get the better of your wounds and turn them to scars Let me blend mine with yours.
Everyone always says that we have to be the best. The best athlete, the best student, the best youth, the best applicant. But no one stops to think of the amount of  pressure they are placing on us.
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
Identity Who are you? The biggest question to ask yourself Who are you really? Do I know or should I know?
fists poun
 Pride and power What tricks you play! You deafen the ears Of those astray. ~2/2/14
My whole life I knew what wanted. I was given every opportunity I could ever ask for. I screwed up every opportunity that was ever given to me.  I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. Can I start over?
Finally the time has come to run Spring time is always filled with so much fun   Laughs and cheers fill me with bliss Everyone is over joyed and the snow will not be missed.  
Be strong   And if I witness a close death. Be strong, for It will strengthen my belief that it was their time and the works of god are never wrong.   And if I am ever befriended, 
Listen to the sound drowned by noise.
My moms sent me an email and said read it and do what I do best which is telling the truth.   See I’m only 20 and I love to spit the truth because I make people think about something that they thought they already knew.  
Death knows how to gag tie your means to speak,Take hostage every morsel of joy in your tongue,Empty homes, then leave doors but not bodies to creak.You are his target practice.He squints as you run,
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
I am an amazing person
Traveling on my sub-conscience whim
Her heart is slowly dying. Her scars grow deeper and deeper. As she is no longer trying. Only watching the calamity beat her.   The fire surrounds her soul. She can no longer breathe, just take it in.
The power of passion or The passion for power Which guides you, which drives you To your final hour To Which view point would you point if asked how you flower would one or the other
Government officials have fallen into the chains of guilty corruption, Our endowed right is no longer the Pursuit of Happiness.  This backfires on our economic production, We the citizens have no wall of security.
I matter Not because I’m white Not because I’m female Not because I’m rich   Because I am a human being Every word and opinion I express is important to me
7 billion people in the world as of today Asians, Africans, Europeans, we got it each and every way What makes us different? The color of our skin or how we look?
yeah, yeah Life once felt simple and complete but now grown up nothing feels the same   I always feel frustrated and angry life was never ment to be this way  
Don't forget about what I did for you all the crap I put up with to make you happy all the tears I cried when you hurt me all the memories we created for all the world to see  
Politics The fight for Power is a drug all humans crave Though many like me starve from the lack of it Because that hunger for Power is something we just can’t grab ahold of
When the people who gave you life are also what makes you consider taking it, There is a problem. Every single night I brush my teeth in an attempt to wash away the sound of you Slamming the door as you leave.
One falls from the sky
Words have so much power. The power to heal, To inspire,  To attract, To amuse, To teach,  To excite, To change a life for the better.  
When the clouds roll in, thats when the fun begins Drops of silver falling from the sky, sit on the porch and watch the storm roll by Think of life and all its trials, think of hate and all my rivals
My mind is a mess I tell myself To take action    I know what I want I see it right there But I need to do something   I want to lock Myself in a white room
When you realize that nothing you do matters to you, take a step back and do something that does. When you see someone struggling, respect them for their effort and thank the earth
I was once told that if you love someone that you must set it free, Especially if you are being affected because self assertiveness is the key, It is only important that you love yourself enough to let go,
People will judge you from you looks to you attutide  to your nails to your shoes that is what people do they wont remember your name unless you rise into fame and have money and expensive things
I am a force to be reckoned with. I seize emotions, Dazzle with my inner chaos, And topple egos.
Why can a man walk free down the street, without a care in the world, and a pep in his feet? But a woman must  leer, must live in a constant fear that a man's touch or sneer 
all will bow and hushin the Creator's presencewhen Judgement's due. 
transportation vacation out side of reality within a box that encases me sound proof aloof in the space that embraces me
Fragile That's me. Frail. Weak. Breakable.   But what if it's not?   I have Strength. Power. Invincibility. Intensity.  
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
There’s Suffering and crying, and a lot of people are still dying World leaders getting richer while their peoples bodies are piling Up to a mountainous top, corpses spewing like the steam from a boiling pot, of Genocide
In a pride of lions, the lioness hunts while the male stays back In many species of birds the male's bright feathers elaborate dances and song are desperate attempts to attract female birds
I th
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Young like a kid and wild like a forest i meet him and felt complete for seven hundred thirty days i felt alive and loved.welcomed we wasted time, long talks on the phone,
I can do a push-up.Not the modified, girl kind;The "boy" ones, with my feet and all.But this is not a poem about me.  
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know what it means to feel motivated in something that you really love doing since people expect you to be perfect. I continue to push but for what?
Do you remember when you were little.
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
We all have a voice inside us That wants to be heard To scream above the mountain tops Our greatest dreams and fears To express oneself for all to hear Would be a dream come true
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
From my moment of creation I had a determination  
It was a sunny frid
War child , she was merely just a kid with a heart  of steel when the people lost their livelihood whilst she kept it real, saw soldiers die on the streets
  Sweaty palms, the itchy insides of the smoky marsh pits, discolored cloudy eyes with battered Fort Knox thighs,
I see the burning of the sky tonight, hues of orange to light, fades of blue; dark overcast, overnight, I tame sight. Lion in the sky roars to lay a mark; Seeing the heavenly fire creeping forward,
Fight on, my friend,
I cannot act, I cannot sing But allow me to tell you what I bring An artful imagery similar to that of a painting Without the brush, no rush
As this brewing math problem strives through my brain with its persistence, I sit and think 'these are the banes of my existence!'
She has no clue of her ability, Of her effect, her femeninity She knows not what she does With every luminous stare Of an emotion so rare I can't truly understand  
Growing up in DC aint so sweet as can be.
Power I have none I can't change anything Stuck between wants and needs I don't have anything Unless I find a way I take the hard road Education can get me out
My Friend,   I hold your face with gentle hands, gazing into
Take a look around what do you see? Someone somewhere is being put down the funny part is deep deep down we all were developed the same way from a mother's womb and if you were to look inside
Money is power.
Playing Peek-A-Boo through the bushes. I see a daisy, a damsel in distress, I wonder to myself; a flower that has never been caressed.
I had a dream, it had me feeling like a Ma
  what litters my Mind, is the Mind itself. how self-absorbed and arrogant of itself,
I see you
Seldom do I think your not powerfulA servant of JoyA peace initiation for the Indians of SenecaA LoveA FireA beautiful path in the light of foreverA reminder of effortless serenityPush me down
Excuse me, little mind. May you speak, may you shine.Your intelligence sparkles--- Yes, let it be bright.No one else gets you,
Slowly coming sucky death getting closer with each breath within my heart there burns a flame that gets brighter at the sound of your name.
Huff and puff the good stuff Inhale the good  Peace 
After making incisions around the scalp and peeling the skin back, I make a cut at the top of his skull like a trap door, revealing the super computer in his cranium. Brain tissue, bone, and blood cover my latex gloves.
What can a dollar do? Pay for lunch, A car, College. Well, maybe not a dollar Though at least it helps. But while we eat and drive and learn A child dies from hunger A woman wishes
I have a house I call my own, within a white cerebral sky. It’s lively and it flows, but someday it’ll die.                                   Splattered with pink, red, and white,
Since I was three, I felt the pain. When I looked for the sun, there was always rain. Had a lot of problems in my life. Sometimes I wanted to pick up a knife. Hearing family members screaming at each other.
I am chained in a cage. Exposed and vulnerable like a nerve. But the joke is on them. I may be trapped, but I'm not a captive.  The fire in me would make Hades run for the hills.
Year by year...
When life throws shit at you You can’t stop and feel blue Keep your head up and just push through
A muscle to a word A feeling you never heard My power is broken For there are times when I am choking The full body strain To all the mental pain I have the sight But I have lost the light
Have you ever been told "you can do it," when they meant only if you do it someone else way.
  The American Hustle Opportunity, Lust, Possibility. A sharp sting of poison seeping through your veins,
In the beginning, there is frustration. Faith is weak, as you find no peace to keep diligent. In the beginning, there is exhaustion. Life is tearing at your priorities,
What if the world was actually black and white? Would our minds conceptualize color or rationalize hues? Would we be forced to see the grim reality of the world in which we live?  
Today women have a voice, a place, And we are recognized for not only our beauty, but our intellect. Our contributions to society. But when we walk down the streets, 
We live in a world where no one is accepted It’s 2014 and nothing much has changed Society is way harsher now than it was in 1960 1960 was the time where everyone accepted each other for who they were
We all have free spirit. We all decide what we do. But what we really do is what people expect of us. Should we let them run our lives Or should we control our lives to get what we want?
I once told him that it was okay, I’ve been called worse.
 Truth is, I hadn’t.
 And when he hugged me and apologized
Explain wh
I arose from the ashes Sparks of life ignite from my very being Majestic and free I am As I spread my wings and sore with nimbus For today I will let go of the past
I eat, breathe and think school.  Why? 
Down and I mean really down,under the facad of reality,under the illusions of life.Under what man percieves to be right and wrong.
  I’m crying. Right now I’m crying. The salty sorrows slowly sinking Caused because of too much thinking Ten-fold more as I start blinking Crying sadly so.   I’m screaming.
he was only a boy yound and bold, unable to be dragged down smothly surfing along with the tide flow of life searching for nothing other than love.   he spent his days thinking about her
These words are in my head Shouting, begging to be released. They have slowed but never ceased, Weighing me down like lead.   I try to keep them inside Tucked away in the dusty corners
Yelling at me 24/7, complaining when you don't have your way, calling me names when you feel like it, think you're the king on the throne, I wait until it's sucked in like helium.
My depression feels like so many things all rolled up into one. At it's worst, it is overwhelming sadness and a certainty  that I am not good enough and that no one could ever really love me.
If I had the power, I would help a baby bird to fly. I would teach it how to use its wings. I would catch it if it fell. I would make it believe in itself. If I had the power, I would help the mother on minimum wage.
    I wrote this to see what it would be like in a girl's position,
I feel as if I knew every inch of your being. Your soul, dark like your lies. Your smile, as white as the lies you tell. Your eyes, once as deep as the ocean, now as deep as the trench where you threw our love away.
Robin Stumpfig                   Rendering the common peace             Striking deep             Saving the light             Forging hope  
there were pretty daises but the lights are all gone the sun’s on vacation the stars have seen a galaxy far more beautiful than ours they’ve gone on a journey   the light bulbs have burst
A song so moving I felt revived   the rhythm made my senses alive   A voice and instruments in a symphony    the connection to the lyrics gave out my sympathy 
  Change my life make me a professor Who do I pray to? Who do I call on?  My life will never be the same  Don’t Let Athena see my sorrow Don’t Let Zeus hear my pain
Let's go I'm ready
Having the power to make the weak stronger Noone deserves to be made little I would tell the homeless to seak a job And they would find one I would lend them a hand to help them Off the ground
I can be what I want to be Through my volition I will cut off these arms And in their place will be the real me A pair of wings To be free To go further than I ever have before
These eyes see farther than most They can see right to your soul But most importantly, they see the future I demand This vision is scary to some who cannot understand Power, power is what I have
People dedicating themselves wholly to an ideal Accepting a way of life that is almost surreal Submitting their transient needs for something greater Solving problems on coffee, feeling like a martyr
The silence of the night is broken
You are a coward. A coward with temptations, That you could not resist The evil damnations. That leave my stomach in a twist.   Why did you do it? You said you loved me more.
Music might help with it's melodies, However it is still has no effect, Still there are no remedies. Just songs to select.   Some might say it is a cure. Some might say it is a place.
A disease, That no ones knows, But it stings like bees, Yet still no one sees.   My father, Has this curse, He looks at his daughter, She knows it hurts.  
I dabbed my brush into the endless ink.It went on smooth, painted all money pink.Pink for delight.
Bold Dark presenceWreaks its havocAmongst the people,Poison’d human Morality,Degraded by Brutality,Guarded from Equality,Caged by harmful Mentality.
I try but when I know I wasn't trying hard enough, I fell short of making it.I try but when I know I had more on my train of thoughts, I fell short of succeeding it.
Frustration is an act that no man should endure To sit and think  To wait and worry
Don't ever give up. Where would we be if Abraham Lincoln didn't end slavery, fixing humanity as if it's a broken cup?
Worthier than emerals and gold is knowledge. You may ask, "do I only obtain this in college?" You may, although is a long and treacherous process that later becomes known as  wisdom .
People running and people walking People passing and people looking People laughing and people cying But they are all the same. All the same individuals. Held together, tied together
The tattoos on my body are words. Read me like a novel, my body tells the story. Graze your fingers over the text, you'll see what will come next. The tattoo on my body signifies loyalty.
I found at that place at the fork in the road where change begins. I found where life waits on the point of a knife where everything hangs in the balance. I’ve seen how everything can come crashing down
Leaving my years behind in this high-school-like prison, filled me with nothing more than sheer joy. It's as if I'll awaken from my dream and learn that I was merely a psychic playing with her toy.
  I hear a voice hovering over all the earth. You can hear it as it swims the oceans. It's strong and climbs the mountains, Exhibits a still, small voice in the plains,
'What is it? What is it that you see?' He asked I choked on silence Beneath my ribcage was a hollow tree
Don’t mind me. I’m just passing through. I’m neither here nor there And I won’t be stopping. Don’t mind me. Excuse me, pardon me I’m only passing through. I gave up long, long ago
​I feel the wheel of change upon my soul,like the teard
Books are pure magic The turning of a page can Take you anywhere.
Can He still feeel the nails dig in? Each time I fall and just give in To evey lie? To evey sin?
I'm looking at the waves, entranced by their strength. They throw me under and thrust me aside, as if my presence isn't a bother at all. Yet when I look into the compressed sands, I see my reflection magnified.
Words have power beyond our control. The power to heal, the power to kill, They tell what has happened, and sometimes, what will.   Words paint pictures that are vivid and full.
If you are a real christian you will love everyone, for love is the greatest commandment of all,Hatred causes arguments, but love overlooks all wrongs.
She is a connection among people.  We unite physically and mentally.    Her members live in proximity. We call the same place home. Her members relate emotionally. We share a common goal.   
I felt the thud of thunder Ripping at the seam.   My voice it fell asunder The pelting of a dream.
The power to change. The possibilities to achieve. How many lives can be touched?
When you find yourself asking yourself what you would do if you could change the world (if you could do anything big
  I just want to be a princess,  Told that I am pretty and loved.
But who's going to love meyou only write once So make these words count but When all tears are wiped awaywhen all the scars are fadingwhen the wounds are healing  You only write once
Trapped in his own thoughts He’s all alone with nothing but a lone heart Trying to spark a flame so dark It can light up a room with demonic distraught demonstrating
You’d be surprised how much power we have over our own minds. I imagine survival back before our times and the development that required. They used their brains and had too. Using each part and functioning as one form.
  I am a woman, Not a figurine that can be stood on a shelf
Move on 
there’s a sun and it’s melting
I sit here on graduation day.
Life: the inevitable, it can throw you to the ground, or it can bring you up, either way it treats you a certain way. I've always been the one to experience this,
As the sweet summer sun seems to melt into dust, And the shadows appear like their living for lust, When the life melts away from this place we call earth, Then we gaze upon heaven and wish for rebirth.
  Can’t you see my eyes are pouring?
 You admire chess In an echo booming society That’s out of the ordinary Extraordinary that you can
I was scared, Scared of what we could of had. Scared of what we should of locked on a pad. Scared of something that could go bad.   And now, I stand. Confused with these flowers from another man.
Again it comes to me From it, I am unable to flee First, it slithers into my heart Beginning its quest to tear me apart   Next, the monster slips into my mind
To love a man, to love a girl... What difference is there really? Love, to me, is the same  In any language, in any shape For any age,  For any person. Love could maybe just be a simple word
They don’t wanna see me with you, they say I can do better But what do they know? Tellin me how to feel and how to love At the end of the day nobody knows about this but US
A person may holds the power To mold all our lives They all do not understand The power inside To keep the class mind idle Knowledge will slide out A teacher must let students'
Thinking of the days that we could be sure that light Would always travel faster than monsters trying to catch us at night But you drink under daylight now too Thinking of a mother who never hugged you
Oh honey, lock the door on the way out, and shut those windows, keep the daylight out! We don't want scary strangers looking in. Oh and stay indoors, rapists will snatch you in
I make mistakes from time to time. You tell me who the hell is perfect? Yeah, I may cause ah little trouble But I like to believe I'm worth it. You look at me and see pointless Well baby I see potential.
Never write a songAbout a stupid boy you fell in love with,Because you’ll rememberThat the air exists to fill his lungsAnd that his lips serve a purposeMore significant than your kiss.
Walking aimless in eternal mysery I came upon a great mystery- A hidden pathway in a hill Gave my senses a big thrill. And so I followed the path 'till the top And found a graveyard in the stop.
I am the guy that never showed sufferings. I am the guy who cried, the guy who hide of himself in the shadows of lust. Crying, crying still no one knows what i am capable of. Will I survive?, will I survive ?
Is it the colour or the texture of ma skin? Is it the length or texture of ma hair? Is it the size or firmeness of ma breast, hips and butt? Or the structure of ma face and the alignment of its features????
Tonight I can't stop the tearsI feel the soul of another rising up Someone stronger is being urged to take overI want to run far awayKnowing I'm not alone in thisI want to run far away
I'm choking on the taste of rejectionAnd, oh, how I savor the sweetnessEnough to make a grown woman break into tearsBut not meI stand firm... untouched... unfeeling...Do I love thisUltimate loneliness
Walking to a court room at the age of 7 was very frightening. I knew I did not do anything wrong. I was getting adopted, but I did not have a say in anything.
I cannot understand my current emotions on the relationship I am in, I don’t understand how I feel anymore. My emotions don’t talk I have to but if I can’t understand them how I can explain them.
Did my clothes grow a voice box and speak for me?Because my own voice couldn’t be heard over your insecurityThe only word I needed was noWhen a child first learns the word no
You don't know that your fist feels like butterfly kisses, And your words, as sickly sweet as gas station seafood dishes Don't faze me.   My face, has been through more abuse than big city sidewalks
it's possible to have a house- but no home. it's possible to be surrounded- and completely alone. i'm trying to concentrate- without staring at my phone. the scars on my outside layers
I wanna be close to yoy every single day I wanna follow you every step of the way.   Your ways are ways are stright and narrow help me discern these confusing arrows.  
Don't look at me with hope.Don’t look at me with the shine of foreveror the gloss of happily ever after’s.Don’t touch me with the ghost of your lipsor the whisper of your fingertips.Not with the gasps
For Everyone who is in school. For Everyone who has been bullied. For Everyone who has been in a sport. For Everyone who is battling addiction. For Everyone who is working. For Everyone who is a parent.
As i stand there contemplating  I see my life slowing fadding. I could go to the left with my friends or go to the right where my future attends. I understand that friends with always be there
Where it Lies And here in this poem is where it lies With hope and longing torn apart My pain and torture shown through my demise
The hate pours from me like I'm made of water, only ment to quench my own thirst, I hat myself, No matter what I say, No matter what I do, I can't ever seem to be enough for you, You meaning me,
Watch. Wait. Run.   I Watch him walk and wait for his return. Watch him run and wait to feel something. Anger? Lots of it. Sadness? Not enough. Resentment? It boils in my blood.
Lion Lion in the plain,Giant paws and golden mane,Licks his lips craving meat,Scans the plain for prey to eat.
Little kids with sticky hands, rush toward their superman. Begging for a taste, begging to be set free.   A hero. A leader. Someone to look up to, they stand above everything.
History has shaped the way we feel, think, and act. Time heals most things, but it doesn't change the past. Many people today, African-Americans especially Have done many things that just aren't necessary.
Any teacher can follow a lesson plan but one teacher can teach whatever they can. Why dont we figure out how modern life really works instead as a student we learn the basic boring subjects first.
Broken Rear View Many times we alloy our curiosity to spoil of future, More often than not, We obsess over our rear view.   Have you ever taken the time to think, What if your rear view-
Baggage Claim To those who view their past, As a lesson. Simply sit back and do yourself a favor- Commit to confession.   Sift through the bags which look- Oh so similar on the outside.
Sometimes making you feel like a prisoner, sometimes making you feel set free. Sometimes making you feel like a criminal, sometimes making you feel like a king.
You lit up my life since the start You are the fire inside of me You are the inspiration deep inside of my heart You taught me to always believe  Yet believing was so hard for me to achieve
Being raised with education    and pride Allowed me to become an outstanding person That person is me        Ivan Ortega I am capable of destroying the invisible walls Capable of fighting the sleep of the swords
There's pain in my vains still this day, cant explain how you put me to shame. Saw me as a broken love, didn't give me a chance to undercover the talent that was given 
People will treat you maliciously and wonder why you hate them. They will drag you down and wonder why you won't face them. When it comes to your dreams they try to stop them. But when it comes to your failures.........
The flower was dead… So she went to bed. There she laid her head… Because the flower was dead… And there was no way it could mend.   Along came a man dressed in white
Shall I compare thee to the deafening silence of night? How it is strong and angry, how it crushes my day into tomorrow, and keeps a lock around my sight. At times you grasped me so tight,
  Her electric soul, her aching soul is scared and shines a cowardly light. They call her humble, humble and divine. Who wouldn’t love a girl with skin so fine?
Somewhere, over the monochromatic archAcross the skyThe shadows of twisted figures against the sunWrithe and shriek  A daunting vision brings forthAn unsettling fearThe cries shake the earthAs the shadows grow The horizon begins to burnA blinding
Love thy name Why not love it? It is special Love thy name Was is it not sent from above? It matches the beautiful person Love thy name Could you be with you without it?
 Power.. How is it that whenever someone has it.. It consumes them? To think you are better then others. To put them down until they are the dirt you step on as you walk To destroy your enemies left and right with a grin on your face To crush ever
See I came down for a purpose. See as I came down I did not hover, I slammed!The ground broke down in a shatter when I landed. See, I came to bring peace to my loved ones and war to my enemies. 
  Do take my writing as my unsaid goodbye, Ignore the salty tears I'll cry. With a pen, my heart will speak, The words I fear my heart too weak. Memories I've saved and words of fellows,
It's always harder when your sober. you feel more out of control lost to the people around you.
A dream desired But you’re hanging by strings  Like a puppet on a wire   You used to love yourself You see the girl in the mirror but you don’t know her  
Take me. Take me back. I miss you quite terribly. I miss watching movies, teasing each other, laying on my couch, holding your hands. I miss all of the times that made me fall in love with you.
Behind the door Beyond the tree Beneath the rock is where it will be   Waiting to be unleashed calm and cool waiting for me  to release this fool   It comes and goes
Love Large, Hard: Freeing, Deepening, Happening Forming between us two, Flames.   (Written in Cinqauin Pattern 2)
Scattered in the street they lay like discarded leaves on a spring night. Bodies stacked high reaching for the heavens above, hoping God can hear their silent cries. They are alone now,
  Drowning in a sea of emotions the currents of anger pulls me back while melancholy drags me d   o      w         n. In the ocean of the mind  there is no escape or relief
Sometimes I can go weeks without remembering   Why I write Why I jumble some poetic words and propel them into flight Off my fingertips and onto the screen Where sometimes while reading them I growl or beam
  From the moment my lungs  took notice of the smog-filled air  I heard my older sister saying, “Words have power.”  I wanted to believe.  That, when I mixed a piece of 
Meaning conveyed through sound,a vehicle for our thoughts’ transmission.Through words the beauty is found,within the human condition. 
we need it, we want it, we breathe it, we flaunt it. It builds us up, and it breaks us down. It give us everything, then leaves us with nothing.
I want what I be not So busy trying to fill the gap in which Was left It be not his fault My spirit be mine and not his at all I long for pleasure and happiness in who has what I have not
Emotions are confused ideas  But why do some make sense?  Spinoza gave me the idea  That's why i'm so tense  But who cares about some philosopher?  I'm more into quests  I want to discover my own mind 
How are feelings expressed? Through words? Through voice? Just one sound or one word can illuminate ones heart,  it grows and becomes a never ending cycle. It continues to grow until it spreads across the world like a wildfire,
Little girls growing up. Limited in their visions. Little boys growing up. Limited in their prosperity.  Who are we? We the people. We are supposed to be free. Who are we? We the people. We are meant for simplicity.
Silent, bright-eyed, constantly watchingThe holes in darkness for a time stay lastingBut when time dies down all matter changesThe gaps are sewn, it rearranges
Affixed on the sight of my final destinationMy eyes do not wander to the path beneath my feet.Though time has seemed to stopI travel silently onward,Forever aware of the coarse sand wearing away
My pen touches the paper.The ink slowly flows.The world spins idly byAs my story steadily grows.
Walking down an empty road Passing places once called home, Silence echoes in the air Amongst the mist I roam.   Drifting like a flightless kite, Submersed in dark without a light,
It's all up to me now.. my future is mine to hold. To determine now before I grow old. If I do not work for it it will not be there for me.
Flowing through my ears like calm water, The mood is chilled, But all of a sudden it gets hotter, It started to build, the rhymes started to kill, started to thrill,
I write because I can be happy I write because I can be free Writing helps me express unwanted & hidden feelings Writing is what showcases ME
There lived a man who had no cause He worked for his keep and obeyed the laws He found himself wondering in life And searched his purpose with great strife Until he came upon a woman robbed of youth
Dear Son,   Recognize your power, strength, and courage.   You have the drive and the power to achieve great things. And then there is power ascribed to you.
Escaping from it's place some time ago,  no direction - searching for an unknown soul.  In need of comfort, another person who's unclear.  Looking and looking, and the time comes near. 
Fighting the weeps of sin, The devil has stolen from me. Scars from self inflicted injuries, Break the devil from my actuality. My flaws are seen so pronounced, But GOD believes i'm worth it. 
                                                                          We are women, Whether complicated or submissive we take things to a whole other level We are women
It all started in Africa where Adam was a bachelor.
I Invent the non-existent Realize the reality of the unreal Imagine the unimaginable Read an unwritten story I create   Accept the possibility of the impossible Expect the unexpected
I know why the caged bird sings, To tell me the message, That of which Maya Angelou wrote for me, She wrote it for me, Just for me, You see, Sometimes I need a little pick-me-up,
  And when work is done,This poem has left me...My soul refreshed,AnewI feel cleansed.
My dear old friend, your time on this earth has ended For me, it was much too soon and I wish I could of arranged it so I was more prepared
What Is this thing we call love? I don’t seem to understand Is love hurting the one person in your life who did everything for you? Or is love getting a girl pregnant & leaving her?
What does it mean to be free? Free is when you're allowed to do as you please.You are given the privilege to be who you decide you want to be.But are we really free?
We are young, but that doesn't mean we don't understand. We are young, but that doesn't mean we can't feel nothing. We are young, but that doesn't mean we can't do something.
A President in a funk Whose once broad support, now shrunk. All the voters now Prefer cash for cow. His career ends with a clunk.
Barack Obama Pressing munchies on the poor Feeding off us all.
 The king within his castle looked out upon the sky, The dead-still air seemed restless, the sunlight seemed to die. The clouds came marching onward, an army dread and chill; Within his purple chambers, the king kept watching still.    A rippling
I've become so Numb when there was No More Sorrow left in me. I had to Bleed It Out when I turned my back on those who had their Hands Held High, screaming "help me!"
Pride; It’s often seen as someone who loves attention. People see it as someone who evokes nonsense. Power; The first thought that comes to mind is control; Those with power are accused of always controlling.
Oh happiness, take me upon your wings fly me above and away take me farther than my dreams on the dawn of breaking day
My feet are set I am down and ready My brow breaks into a sweat But I keep my focus steady Bang! My heart leapt with the shot My adrenaline began to flow My blood ran hot As I let my body go
She breathes into me Like a gentle wind On a hot summers day. She feeds me all I need And gives me all I like. Filled with such a beauty, I am never alone. For words and writings,
Where in these dark caverns I lie alone, Hidden without the wakefulness pure bright In the shadows, I silently atone, Awaiting the purge of the searing light; But doubtly I conceal thyself of night
unexceptable ignorance what a powerful weapan  power what a powerful tool passion what a powerful vehicle pain gives the power to drain or gain feelings
I write to believe. When I write I feel free. I write to empower those who have no voice. For those who are too afraid of the judgments we speak. Every whisper flows across streets Amongst peers and strangers
Too bright Too powerful   Her breath of morning, Draws me in Her earthy glow of noon, Excites the melanin in my skin   Plants salivate at her flux of energy
Poetry… Is the MAINSTREAM underground… Many of People Spend their Lives Trying to OBTAIN
That perplexing blueKnocks the air out of youjust by lookingMakes you breathe inSalt foamsFeeling grandyet shrunken listeningto the tossing clap of the waves  Waves like mountains
The words you use are like a sharp knife Piercing the flesh of a human life Maybe this time they'll just take it or Maybe this time they just won't make it Wish they would understand their power
Love is a force that can not be defeated. It is a power that everyone possesses. It is something that gets you through the day. When all else fails we can always rely on the power of love to get us through even the toughest of times.
You would think that love would be easy to find I mean Isn't it stronger than anything? I wish i could find someone i could love with the heart that ive already given away Not only that...
She rests in painful slumber Drips with salty sweat She is unaware of what it means— Means to be sick with fear. She chokes on spittle—spews up spittle Chokes on angry, violent spittle.
Morning light blazing into mine eyesA ray of hope to my sleepless nightsMy soul cascaded across the skiesNaked before His light all too brightYou and I had broke all tiesBut just to let you know, I am alright
Poetry is an art of itself, No rules, No sentences, poetry has a mind of its own It may rhyme from time to time, Or it may Haiku, A five seven five format Used inside this poem
I may be one, but in my mind, I am a majority of one.
Moonshine floods the curtain lace and bathes the room in colors of soft serenity.
Murderer Is a big word for what you are You kill someone everyday Their name is on YOUR birth certificate It's disgusting It's vile It's simply human nature
Boom! There goes another one  Pointed at me  The sound of defeat  I try to live with regret  The life I never lived  The enchanted stories left whispered in tears  After all these years I still see 
Sandy beaches Peaceful, content Tickling your feet as you walk along Waves crash building up power Crushing seashells till they are no more than Sand You stoop to retrieve one
At the sound of the tone please release emotions.........(beep) IM A CRYBABY *Ring Ring* "Wassup bae" "nothing".......................(30 minutes of silence) IM A BRAT
To love is to feel pain. To love means giving your whole heart to someone else. It's a tricky thing, unexplainable and sometimes unreasonable. It makes you vulnerable and leaves you wanting more of it.
Ahhh ! I cant sleep. my eyes pry open, my mouth screams leave me be, ive been done wrong, done wrong and it's hard to be me. every thought is ruined by one person, that one person that told me i could never be successful in life.
My skin hangs weightlessly off my bones, like an old shirt on a clothes hanger. My stomach feels no hunger, it no longer knows what hunger is.
A family member gone. Not even able to understand why you were so cold.  Trapped in my sorrow, these words were the only way to go. You left me without warning, how could you go?
the pen is mightier than the sword, so what's the word? trying to get your voice heard but come on homie, you scurred? everybody likes that guy Wayne, or whatever, they all sound the same,
  He is slow moving smog poisoning everyone around him constricts their breathing A willow canvasing the ground below creating a barren desert beneath its branches blocking all sunlight in its path
Somebody once handed me a flyer. It read  “YOU EXIST”   The aftertaste of such an idea lasted long beyond the introduction   Existence. A vibrating silhouette of an idea
Little boy who claims to know love Manipulates visions of rose petals and doves Your words fill my mind with images to relate False happiness comes with the lies you create Oh you confused little boy
She was the lightning that danced across his night skies. He was her rock when her waves broke on the shores. She was the rock he broke himself against. She was the mystery he couldn't quite solve. 
You left me You were once Mine Once Your hold, your lips, all mine Once I remember the sleepless nights we spent together creating passion, solving problems
My story may not be long but it's a good read.  Carelessly flipping through the pages? You might miss something. The young girl who was filled with joy who's trust in people went void.
I’d rather be known by no one and loved deeply by one person than being known by everyone and not close to anyone. It’s a curious desire to be known, because it seems to nothing for oneself. Yet it’s craved by nearly everyone.
Words flow from my lips But they are meaningless. It's my eyes that tell the story, My heart that  plays the aria. My body dances the ballet.   But its my words, My words draw attention,
The look you give me brings out my fear For if I show any I will tear For the path I creep upon will distress my womb Until the end I will not be Because thanks to you I vanished
I am Woman I have no power and I no longer believe that I can make a difference It is true that I am silenced And no more I achieve Freedom I am Woman
They think I don't know Just because I don't react They think I don't care They seem so sly and tact Clever, yes, we'd all agree But I give them no control over me
Your voice Is a weapon Sharper than any knife More truthful than any gun
The street lights look like dandelions tonight. It's light is dancing in your eyes. The cold rushes through us. Bringing me and you closer. Making our cold hearts warm.
Come here, take my hand. Fear me not, I understand. It is your fear speaking, and I've come for you. I've come to let you think, I've been what's stopping you. See the truth is, I'm not. You just don't listen.
I'm tall, your short which ones better? big boobs? small ones? or how about this big ass, small bum I just love mine who cares, because thats the way I am! The way I am! what can I say
I need answers I need prayers I need sympathy In this dying misery I need affection I need hope I need this wind to tell me which way to go So come with me now
Raised in a place where power overrules truth, it is difficult to maintain strong, noble qualities and thrive. Nobody cares about emotions or spirituality unless it benefits their status.
My hand shakes as I write. Lines and curves. Quivering like a crisp leaf, as the calm before the storm dissipates. I have so. Many. Questions.
Everyone has dreams. Only few wake up and chase them. The sleep are sheep. who can't release, grips, from the nation. Stricken in poverty. This can't be life, Obviously. GOD didn't put us here
I draw my strength from the Sun it beats down on me and I let it my time outside makes me strong my feet pound the grass and I sweat out my fear anger pain it all drips off my skin
The wrath of wind, it comes and goes, The fear of men, no longer blows, The hunger of fire, it does devour, But all who give in, it will sour, The strength of water, cannot be matched,
The power of words, is awesome to behold. They build and they break, they furl and they fold. A simple word, empowers a man, Or throws his hopes, his dreams in the can. Such simple devices, such miniscule tools,
How could you not understand? How badly the rich has the upper-hand When everybody is chasing the dollar They will always have us under their collar And under their commands we holler
You play a part While I fall apart Under the weather, now... Under the weather, now... And I beg you please for some room just to breathe under the weather now... under the weather now...
As I stare at the blank page in front of me, life is breezing me by People change, people love, get married, grow old and die Yet I am still here. Staring at this blank page.
I'm ready now Ready for your bullshit I can take this fight this battle this war This never-ending game of drawing circles while you hog all the pencils but I Have the eraser
What is beauty to a person who doesn't believe it? Just a word in a dictionary without any meaning. It's a shame it can't be felt, damaged self esteem. If we are told enough maybe then we will start to believe.
I can't see you But I feel you I don't know you But I love you I don't want to forget you But I can't remember you
I stand there, taking your hateful, tasteless stares. But I don't dare cringe, for I fear that would be giving you what you want. I walk directly into your vile comments,
Never really felt like I was needed around I'd clown too much, always frown and feel left out. I begged for attention, though never realized by most. i tried to fit in, but always gave up hope.
As I present myself to you As I walk away askew May I ask some questions too? To make these vivid flames anew?
My Christ, lord and savior, reign down on me. I just wish everyone could see ya! And the truth to be seen! How can I show my God, when all i do is sin. Ball my life up in a wad,
Our intentions are to find a better Life. We come to this country to work that's all. When we get here we are treated like bad people We aren't given a chance to explain.
Power how do we define it. Is it something that puts you into a mind tripp.
My feelings still strong, but another's long gone. Forget I must of a time once known, happy I was, but I must move on. On a road of pain and remorse I go, paths unclear but I still move on.
In the mind of my mother dishes are cleaned and neatly stacked all on her account. His dress shirts are washed and neatly pressed in great, abundant amounts. In the mind of me
(poems go here) Children, by standers, marathon runners, and victims of Boston: You are strong. Measure your strength not by wounds or scares, Physically or mentally, But by blessings counted.
Fighter Put on those gloves and I feel the power surge.  I feel the lightning in my veins. I hear the thunder in my heart. I become stronger with every drop of sweat. I become faster with every breath.
The things I’ve been through Written about, which hold the Story line of my past. And I hope that the reader Can learn and laugh along with me. Feel my frustrations Realize the fullness of the path
Suffocating in darkness As a diseased light paved my way I attempted to scale the barriers That separated me from the outside where life thrived
When I go meet God, I'm gonna have to give myself up to you. Lose my life, lose my heart, lose my soul! I have been dirty and broken and don't deserve your love.
You act as if a crown lies on your head and a gavel rests in your hand – as if people were born just to serve under you and obey your every command Reality will strip you of your illusion
You gave me life, my first breath taken was yours first. You loved me before I knew who I was. You watched over me while I slept, Letting peaceful dreams take me to a world not my own.
For all the little boys and girls who were told no For all the teens who were told that their dreams aren’t good enough For all the adults who could never live their dream For anyone who never had the support they needed
Pain The powerful heat is overwhelming. Painful Even the smallest spark of light Can quickly become a danger
The Words Hit You Like Endless Bullets. Face Them Head On, Never Give Way To It. Heard It Once, Heard It Twice. The Words They Through Out Are Meant For Your Demise.
A man stalks through the night Bright lights cower overhead. Carrying what he knows not, he walks on Down a deserted alley. Everything is dark, yet Finally he sees the end.
My blood has turned into Jack Daniels. Strange men take a ticket to the three-ring circus. The room has graffiti- covered walls and only one mattress smelling of cheap perfume and latex.
Tossed in the air, how's it gonna fall? sometimes two options are easier than all, but you never really understand, the power is out of your hands I can still hear the sound of the echo
When you shake my hand can you tell who I really am? Or is it in my voice that makes you understand? For all you could know I am the girl next door, Or maybe even the girl that you have labeled the school whore.
STAND ABOVE IT, there are too many women out there, who have convinced themselves that they are not capable of surviving in a world where sexism, male chauvinism has rammed them into the dust.
I’m not really sure who I am. There so much about me that is still unknown. So to stand there and say you understand me, I know you couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t understand you,
i am me old, frigid..some days young.. prisoned and free. Greyed vision for me A tanned skinned for you For this is all you see.
Your body is just one piece of architecture. Legs are the stairways to strength, willpower. Arms the branches to sensitivity, care.
The people march to protest their oppressors Because they no longer want to be the lesser. They are motivated by the professors To not be the aggressors; The ones who fight first against the suppressors.
One voice , on, one heart , one mind , but what is the purpose to believe in ones own kind to believe in theenter beauty that was given to you from above to love and cherish ones own family .
Angel-Headed hipsters Lend me your ears For I constantly find myself wondering How many of us are really here? How many of us are truly living our lives
At Walmart, oh what I’ve seen: Hitler in the fruit section studying obsequiously grapes fallen from the bunch
What is black? And, what does it feel like? Black. maybe its constriction in dark, damp chambers, and gusts of fresh air once you've come to face the sun.
(poems go here) why do you so desperately seek attention? I just want to gather you all for an intervention It's a problem--- Epidemic
Our world is not free. Freedom is to be equal in this world we share.
Freedom is an essence we do not yet taste, Slavery is scarce, but rights we still chase. When will this hostility come to an end? When we die off into eternity's wind? We cannot yet feel the end of this flame,
It’s the stare that burns like fire upon skin The feeling like you could never belong hides within The tear that falls slowly releases the hurt It’s the hurt felt by generations
Superior? Infereor? What are these words I hear? You assign them to races, To put them in their places
Trying too hard, she knows. Promises made to self are broken she holds herself together inside her heart beats slow, distant. They're all lies. But is the truth any better?
I hear the sound of guns "Bam" "bam" “bam” I hear the screams from afar The horrified screams like nails Nails screeching across a chalkboard I hear the sound of laughter As it fills the air
Gramma told me that it's bitterness that eats the soul, A bitterness one cannot control. But it is He who shed light, On all of those who were in a fright.
The wheels go round up an down, hear that sound? Not us. We're deaf. Deaf to life.
How many times will the wind keep blowing? How much further do we have to go? Better off finding a way out, never knowing how much time we have lost here.
No one had strength or courage. Walking on in the oven like desert. Living with fear frighten by the thought of getting caught. I have just one question to ask. Was it worth the sacrifice?
There are three layers of beauty: Scars, bruises, and then the cover up Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women – More than car accidents, muggings and rapes combined
It burns in the back of my mind, day and night the burning goes, bursting to be untethered, lust, fear, sorrow and pride, its all here, in the back of my mind, but if I were to unleash these inner demons,
Fallout Listen to the children cry As you watch their mothers die Empires fall before their eyes Led by a power who all despise
I contend not with men and their rhetoric, but with self and its defiance to the greatness that is alive in me.
I touched him and the bane of all I knew, hope to know and would ever know came alive. It felt like, atoms dancing on the backdrops of unborn galaxies, collapsing and expanding at will. Like, lungs pumping air into the windows of open souls.
There aren't many things I can say at this age that can make people dare to listen toThe words I speak,The words I read,The words I write.But there is one place that continues to grow with me.
Addicted to a mother who, in her eyes never loved her, created mental disintegration to a psyche so fragile Failing to inherit qualities of forget, forgiveness begun to take shape as enabling.
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