Life Sucks


When life throws shit at you

You can’t stop and feel blue

Keep your head up and just push through

Easier said than done I know

But believe me, I’ve taken quite a few blows

Keep your head up and you’ll make it

Maybe not a week, a month, maybe not even a few

You can do it though, I have faith in you

Its nice to hear these words from others

To bad these are words I tell others

Most people don’t know my story

I put up a front and fake this happy bullshit

People say life’s worth living

But in my mind its just unforgiving

Why I get put through all this shit

Makes no sense to me I just want to quit

No one knows this side of me

All they know is what they can see

The happy side of life is just a game

Maybe if I died it would be more like fame

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