Fearing the Name

I will not fear my name, cowering in the shadow of traits and opinions,

I will not destroy my name, for women who care little about themselves are ignored and told to change themselves.

I will not adore my name, because adoration is like an obsession and I do want to be a god among subjects.


I saw the fearing woman, hiding behind her face,

Terrified that a part of her facade might just fall out of place

I saw the maiden of destruction, who tore her name to shreds,

As she saw no purpose in it and felt just one girl among the dreads,

The adoration queen, the one who loved herself past return,

Was so far gone she felt no love for others and did burn,

My voice will be heard but serving a purpose gives a louder message than screaming,

And whilst not carrying the same noise,

The purpose can be completed by the mute and heard by the deaf,
And the echo still vibrates off the walls. 

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Our world
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