Move On

Tue, 12/17/2013 - 16:01 -- WarkaaJ


Move on 

Still water, palm trees, and sunshine: Move on ..

She smiles and waved her hands: move on ..

But I just couldn't move on, couldn't smile back & pretend it's all okay ..

Because I ? I'm just not that way. 


Ice cream truccks, scooters, and poem lines.

She came everyday 

smiled & waved her hand. 

With a tear rolling down my face I waved and walked away

and she? she didn't move on ..

Gun shots, twistted minds, and broken hearts.

She came again!

Gun wounds, heartbreaks, closed eyes

and she still smiled and waved and never moved on:

She'd always say: " it's hard to make yourself smile. 

Because  we all can havea  fake smile to throw around"

In her eyes you can see it all .

see the pain , the heatrbreakes, and the falls. 

So she still tries to move on .. 



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very sincerely written


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