Its Insanity out there, in the world, in this society we know, we love, we created.

That we allow ourselves to be hated,

by each other by others by something we created.

But in this world there is all these unknowns,unimaginable's and unwillingness to see.

That what we have created is not how it's supposed to be.

That our lives and what we trust in, is a foundation of lies that are built in.

So we race to the top of our skyscrapers hoping one day we will reach our dreams.

But the dreams we now chase our filled with vanity and based on a pre-conceived idea of what we need.

The fact that our children are a dying breed, learning faster that they can blink that they can't chase a dream.

We are taught dreams are hidden in our heads to be just a little distraction from what lies ahead.

Money, power, destruction, justice.

What type of kid falls asleep and dreams of this?

Its insane, it's insane that kids are in the middle of wars between governments, between parents and themselves.

Most decideing to take their own life than to live it.

It's insane that animals are more human than we are,

caring for their own kind and sometimes raising another.

The fact is we are the real animals, fighting against each other for domination over some goddamn corrupt dream.

It's insane that children learn to use a cellphone before picking up a pencil.

Putting technology in their heads before you bestow on some wisdom.

No wonder all these kids are dreaming of fame, money and all the little things.

They didn't learn how to read about life before this reign, this reign of political agendas and profitable powerhouses all begging for more money like it's their last day on earth.

So I think it’s time for a re-birth.

Time to rise up and line up in stride as we show our insides.

It’s time to stand up to the man and scream “I’m not done yet”.

You can’t take my dream you can’t take my pride you can’t take my life away.

You can’t put me in a straight jacket and restrict me all you want.

I will still achieve what I want because I was taught to believe.

To believe in myself and others,

To be a catholic and help everyone around me.

So you can keep you money and opulence.

I think I’m fine right here with this.


This poem is about: 
Our world



Very true good writing about reality

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