"I, The Great"



Loved and praised 

By innate wisdom and passion

Yet loathed by skeptics.

The lust - to behead his spirit, shatter the bones

of the flesh that emanates the image of inspiration

To his beloved people

Causes him to be unyielding even more.


Not a prince, but a knight would seem to fit,

Or a general perhaps - 

Whose decree is to smash those relentless stinging ants

Destroying his very soil

Throwing the bombs of terror upon its wake.


The desire to protect

Touches the hearts of his fellow unknowingly,

A golden pearl wrestling against the tide,

Enduring the mockery with its geat fortitude,

Courageous enough to crack the clam's shell.


That sense of purpose

Compelled to be driven,

To protect, to speak with conviction,

And to even act with compassion.


Though annhiliation is a must 

For the preservation of the land.

Hatred and persecution will be the fruits.

Hence, his name will be remembered throughout the generations

As the compassionate tyrant, who tried his best

To make a difference in the world.



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