Beyond the green eyes

The struggle to wake up and take that first blink in the morning

Unable to get up your tossing and turning


Finally the smell of breakfast grabs your attention

Devouring the delicous waffles is something so pleasant


Time to leave to start off the day

I have to go to school for eight hours without being payed


I take a step and admire the landscape that is so green

Just like my soft eyes that are yet so keen


Every day is a new chance to set and achieve a goal

This is where I play an important role


While every one understimates me for how I look

I prove that I am just as good as everyone and I will soon make it on the famous books


Over achieveng in academics and athletics to prove

That no matter what anyone sais, I am bulletproof


Beyond the green eyes stands something way more poweful than just looks

Knowlege is power that is not just found in books



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