My Brother



at the age of five do I ask myself  "why"? 

Why does my dad tell me he has to go away for a long time? 

Why am I the only one left? 

Why does my mom speand so much time alone with her friends instead of me? 


at the age of seven do I ask myself "why"?  

Why must I be put in this situation? 

Why hasn't my dad come home yet? 

Why does my oldest brother seem to care about me more than my own mother and father? 


at the age of 9 do I ask myself  "why"? 

Why don't I ever see any of my other 7 siblings? 

Why is my brother adopting me? 

Why cant I have a regular family? 


at the age of 15 do I ask myself why? 

Why should I be drug free? 

Why does my brother still raise me? 

Why do all my friends have dads at their football games, and I only have my brother? 


at the age of 18 do I ask myself "why"? 

Why didnt I become a statistic? 

Why am I in a postion to go to college? 

Why did I never loose sight in my potential? 

Well the answer is,

My Brother. 





This poem is about: 
My family


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