like a kid and wild

like a forest

i meet him and felt complete

for seven hundred thirty days

i felt alive

and loved.welcomed

we wasted time,

long talks on the phone,

everything was...perfect


Tables turned

the forest became to burn

time became scarce, talks became short, we never meet at the end of the line

we became


but i loved him, i cared, i gave, i was



But someone was better

and my heart couldn't bare

i couldn't understand

every thought

every action

i saw him

every text

every phone call

i thought it was him

i couldn't get him out of my head

was this real? 

was it a joke?

but it began to finally sink in,

it's over

we're done

that chapter was complete


time was the only medicine

my half was filled

with me

i began to love myself first

life began a little brighter

I was








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