The Power I've Found Through Music

falling against the coarse rug, I feel the ripples of fear pang against my core

darting around inside of me are the remnants of thoughts

they aren’t random, yet they don’t match up

I try to force them together, but they are proudly unique and specific,

refusing to go where they don’t belong 


my fingers are burning and no matter how many times I slam my hands against my body, 

I cannot seem to extinguish my flaming flesh 

my ears are ringing with music

not the type that plays on the radio or is cemented in a record 

it is a sly sound that caresses and stings,

a sound that lingers and lingers and lingers even after you think you have forgotten 


I want to succumb to the whirling lights

it would be so much easier

than admitting that I have power 


but I have power

I have the power to turn the dissonant sounds in my head into music that soothes

I have the power to turn the dirty air I breathe into clean notes 

I have the power to twist the nasty utterances of a society into a creature capable of evolution, 

a force that connects the lost souls 


so whenever I fold into myself,

whenever my screams echo and bounce around inside of my skull,

whenever I want to peel myself apart,

I listen to the music straight from lips and fingers and tongues and feet and hearts and minds 

of the world 

and I am able to find the place where I fit 

and I don’t have to force it,

I only have to accept my power as a being


This poem is about: 
Our world



Music has the incredible ability to connect and inspire people. I believe it is unique in the number of people that it can reach and positively affect. I could not imagine my life without music as it has helped create the person who I am today. It is such a powerful tool and  hope that other people will find some meaning in the music I create. 

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