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As I present myself to you
As I walk away askew
May I ask some questions too?
To make these vivid flames anew?

Sun doesn't rise anymore
Guilty conscience to endure
My tears despicable to their allure
I find myself only wanting more

You may find me, but you will only drain
In these ashes of past, I go insane
May you notice the shedding of the mane
These black scars are dropped, merely to obtain.

You may find yourself wishing to flirt
You may find yourself feeling the alert
To which I answer with comfort above
To which I answer with plastic love

You may notice a pattern in this
You may notice a pattern in bliss
But the fake reality could be real
But the love isn't what I really feel

Love? What's love but me to you?
Love? What's love but your eyes in view?
Maybe I do feel this way
But when I'm alone it's hard to say

I need an answer, do you hear?
I need no answer, time comes near
My uncertainty has washed away
It's time to decide if you want to stay.

A murder of crows whispering manevolence
A flock of doves whispering benevolence
I love you girl, it just took some time
I finally hear the bells chime
Because I realized what this is
Because there is a pattern in this
Because there is a pattern in bliss
I have now completed my analysis
I'll hold you tight for the rest of your light
Knowing your love was in this plight.


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