Never write a song
About a stupid boy you fell in love with,
Because you’ll remember
That the air exists to fill his lungs
And that his lips serve a purpose
More significant than your kiss.
You’ll find your mind 
revisiting the times in the night where 
you were trapped in tangled skin,
And you’ll curse yourself and curse yourself
For pinning his thin wrists on your bed
And feeling god between his thighs.
Never think in stanzas
About a stupid boy you fell in love with
Because you’ll notice
That the trees hum a familiar tune
When you sit on the docks at midnight,
And that the word stay
only applies to certain things in life.
You’ll find your hands 
forming fists around your pencil
As the weight of the world settles in the bags beneath your eyes.
Never write a song about a stupid fucking boy
that you fell in love with
because he’s been conditioned to ignore you
and he will
and you’ll damn yourself
and you’ll treat your body like a bulls-eye
and you’ll pierce your liver
Because you've been conditioned to serve.
Never fall in love with a boy 
Because it's too easy to fall out of love.


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