Lust is a strength unlike any other
Causing grief and agony in its wake
It trembles across your fingertips
As you type a message
It pounds in your heart
As you talk to the one you want
Distance causes stab wounds
Invisible to those around you
The time ticks by, causing blood to drip
The blood only you can see
Leaking out of your broken heart
Like a vase, flowers can no longer grow
In something so shattered.
But you light up, as they walk toward you
Their smile glued the pieces inside you
The grief gets defeated by happiness and joy
They complete you and you don’t know why
But you are okay now, until one thing happens
They get up and leave, and you’re left alone
Once more. The grief finds it’s way back in
Kicking down the door, shattering everything.
No longer a smile streaming across your face
Tears of the missing take its place.
All because of the love you feel for them.
The thing called lust, and it’s ability to kill.


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