For The Broken


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For all the little boys and girls who were told no
For all the teens who were told that their dreams aren’t good enough
For all the adults who could never live their dream
For anyone who never had the support they needed
For all of those left out in the cold
For all those who just strived to be bold
Because we’re taught to follow our dreams
Then we’re told they’re not good enough
We’re forced to live this bluff of a cookie cutter life
Raised by hypocrites
Surrounded by misfits
Ignorance has become today’s norm
And it’s taken the world by storm.
Open your eyes, my friend
It’s time for you to wake up
It’s time for you to join us in this reality of devastation
You’ve been gone for too long
Your peaceful slumber broken by the rude awakening this world has become
The love is all gone
Hunger for attention has stricken
Everything has turned against us
This planet has a dark cloud over it
It blackens the green meadows
It shades away the happiness that once roamed the streets
This world is dark
But we are the light
It’s up to us to brighten things up again
We’re their only hope
Stand tall solider.
You’re the sun in this sky,
You’re the moon and stars at night.
Who’s to say you’re not a winner?
Who’s to judge as to what makes you a sinner?
Don’t let them tell you, you can be thinner
Your body is a temple, your mind – a canvas
Who are they to say what is acceptable
Are we just going to run and hide under the table?
Don’t let them tell you of what you are capable
Don’t let them say to you that you aren’t stable
Don’t allow them to judge you or give you a label
Follow your dreams, follow your desires
Don’t let that die, keep up your fire
Don’t flow with the crowd, because soon they’ll retire
Be the only one standing when the rest have to sit.
But don’t worry kiddo, ‘cause you’re not really standing alone
We’ve heard their lies and we’ve heard your cries
And for you my dear child, we swam against the tides
Our silence will be heard
Our struggles will be seen
There will be a solution, there will be a revolution
I won’t stop just because I have haters,
Instead I’ll just make them my motivators
Yes I know there will be jokers
But eventually they’ll be our on-lookers
Yes, they’ll give us attitude
They’ll be extremely rude,
They’ll try to kill our mood
But even society can’t break us at this altitude
There’s something about believers that scares everyone
Those who have a passion
Those who live in a certain fashion; that refuse to settle
Because we’d rather lose a battle and win the war
You people are so generic; so dull
You lack life and excitement
You worry about too much
The possibilities are endless
We see the art in this worlds mess
We see the beauty in this catastrophe
We see the masterpiece.
Who told you, you have no talent?
Who’s to tell us we need to be silent?
I’ve got two words, and one finger for you.
So breathe my child, because this here is for you.
This is for the loudest of the silent
This is for the misunderstood artist
This is for the unheard singer
For the unseen dancer
The misread writer
This is for the dream liver
For the rule breaker
The smile faker
This is for me,
For you,
For us.
This is for the broken.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Follow your dreams, follow your desires
Don’t let that die, keep up your fire is the drive that reminds people to go after what one deserves
never let anyone say other wise
great job-keep writing

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