The Sweetness


United States
37° 24' 8.1432" N, 89° 20' 30.0012" W

It’s the stare that burns like fire upon skin
The feeling like you could never belong hides within
The tear that falls slowly releases the hurt
It’s the hurt felt by generations
Pain from suffering weighs like a heavy coat upon tired shoulders
The shoulders that are tired from oppression
A tender bruise disappears but never leaves the aching soul
A soul beaten down with hate
It’s the silence shattering sound of breaking glass from the brick launched into the air with fury
Fire and thorns inflict pain, along with the unavoidable hate
It’s sweetness of freedom
Sweet like sugar could never be
The freedom from pains hides
It hides like a feral cat around a corner
A day without troubles shines in a dream
A dream filling many minds
Many nights
After another day
Of hate

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