For Losing Is The Ultimate Gain

For Losing shall I ever be Great

     Losing long nights of pain 

Before they found her

Quenching the thirst of my innocece

Saturating my pillow from sorrow

      For Losing I am Confidence

You touched my heart

Below the skin

for which I Cannot Repay you


Why woud you do this?

for harming the cattle wil give you more milk?

Adolesence Scars show Deeply

    I Loved You

Remeber that day

When we left the field

With that Shovel

And you said

I was you queen now 

Where is my crown?

I was left dirty

To hide the evidence

Where is Your empathy?

When I left you that day

That would be my last time

Seeing you

I Hope you heal

Because Losing you

Will be my ultimate gain





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