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Tossed in the air, how's it gonna fall?
sometimes two options are easier than all,
but you never really understand,
the power is out of your hands
I can still hear the sound of the echo
"you have to learn how to let go"
looking down into that hole
adverse hand, time to fold.
strive for the dust path
keep going, never look back.
eyes toward the sky,
finally saying goodbye
feel the winds of change
the beast within became deranged
on a quest to conquer--tame.
and growth transforms in stages
like books are made of pages
no time for false solutions,
so begins a revolution
but now it's for the sake of peace
it's time for all this fear to cease
So I focus on my breathing,
I pray my grief is leaving
channel sorrow into strength
stretch my patience to full length
at war with my worst enemy,
the very essence that is me.


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