Creating soldiers


United States
37° 15' 30.1392" N, 121° 55' 7.9176" W

The people march to protest their oppressors
Because they no longer want to be the lesser.
They are motivated by the professors
To not be the aggressors;
The ones who fight first against the suppressors.
Because equality comes form being the bigger man;
By not being the one that ran,
By having a non-violent plan one can:
Gain peace from all the pain.
Because equality is not hate,
Equality is not thinking ones death is righteous fate,
Equality is persecuting someone because they are white or straight.
We are all soldier fighting in war to be free.
But we must look at ourselves and see
That we do not become our enemies.
Because in the end we are all the same.
We all work through life with our brain,
Making sure to avoid life's hard rains,
And just trying to avoid life's hard pains.
The soldiers who only for their enemy have disdain
Just become the oppressors because from hate they did not abstain.
To make sure those people hurt no one humanity must train;
Creating soldiers to make sure all we can be mostly sane.


I wrote this because I saw a lot of people who were bullied or oppressed becoming oppressors themselves and the cycle of things was getting to me.

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