Snow White doesn't stay in a house.

She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about.

She goes outside.

And she shows the world how she can freeze hell over with one stare.


Ariel doesn't lose her voice because of a man.

She loses her voice because she sang so loud when she came up to the world in her own time.

For no other reasons.

Except that she wanted to.


Cinderella escapes because she did it herself.

A real woman.

She left because it was abusive. And wrong. She didn't depend on a fairy godmother.

And she got to leave the party whenever she wanted to.

Because women are free. And women are not tied down by abuse. And cruelity.

Because women are not pretty little things you can just clip the wings off of. And gag. And silence. We will not be silenced.


In my fairy tale, the princess beats the big bad wolf before it describes the hair on it's chinny chin chin

And not every princess has a pretty voice.

Or a thin face.

Or is a size zero.

Not every princess is perfect.

Because not every princess is perfect.

Because there are princesses that conquered the outside so much. So fast. So deep. So easily.

And instead of the struggles being outside, it slowly crawled within.






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