With the music of the sirens,

We each turn our ear;

We think of tomorrow,

Though we cower in fear.

Yes, the broken and bleeding,

You have us standing right here.

Will you fire on your own people?


Broken we falter,

Refusing to die,

Refuse to submit,

Refuse now to cry. 

And the voice of the people

Scream "oh God on high".

Is there anyone there to listen?


This change can still happen

With the sirens undone.

The people will fall

With the blast of a gun.

Still,  the music has stopped

Has the battle been won?

Click, the gun loads again.


It's not a matter of us or of them,

Nor will it ever be. 

Yet here we stand, defenseless, divided

By those who refuse to see

That life is worth living

When each silent plea

Is replaced with the shouting:

"We are free! We are free!"

And our people will stand.

We are free. I am free. 

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