"Silent Magnificence"

Enormous, silent flashes

Fill the arid night

Lightning so bold it reveals clouds

For many an arid mile


One, two seconds apart

A jovial dance

Performed on a stage

In the grandest of settings


The rest of the world matters not

To these brilliant artists

They are magnificence in its prime,

A display unto themselves


They move so quick

And so far away

That they leave little brother

To mope in his sonic dust


Even the gods are unsure

Of when this erratic dance

Crosses that tempestuous line

Into the world of hellish battle


I sit here and marvel

With unmoving, glazed eyes

At a force so profound

That to it I am less than an atom


Flashes hidden behind

Dark thunderheads

But watch as a stray bolt

Abruptly announces itself


These awesome Titans of the night

Clash in a deaf man's cacophony 

They exist above it all

And reap the rewards of unquestionable praise


No bell tolls for thee

To you that are blind to this unearthly show

Radiance of this magnitude

Comes once in a lifetime


I pay my humble tribute

To this of nature's most creative side

The validation of my wonder

I sheathe my pen and say goodbye

This poem is about: 
Our world


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