The Irony in this Nation

The Irony in this Nation


How a color

A sound

Can trigger someone’s mind to hate 

The accusations and discrimination that holds a great sense of problem in this white nation 


But it makes you think

If i have the power to alter your mood and increase your hatred 

Just by the sound of my voice

The kinky curls 

The chinky eyes

The hijab

Or even the color of my skin

Then i have the power to overcome your actions that are so racist 

And discriminatory

So who is truly in the power? 


It is kind of ironic how you passionately stress about plagiarism in the system

But are quick to plagiarize 


And customize someone else’s culture and have the nerve to call it your own

Kind of ironic


It is kind of ironic how you want to build a wall

But love to eat Mexican on Monday’s

Or Tacos on Tuesdays

And get drunk every 5th of May

But want to divide a family and demolish the diversity and culture that you all crave once a year and atleast 2 times a week. 

Kind of ironic


It is kind of ironic how you stress the importance of equality 

But never accentuate the police brutality or the 75000 black girls and women that suddenly went missing in 2017

But have the nerve to call black people delusional and ask for too much when the system has given them “just enough”

Kind of ironic


Kind of ironic how you go on missionary trips to different countries 

and cry about the hunger 

and oh so love the children 

But as soon as a foreign foot has touched the soil of hatred and xenophobia 

The White Nation trembles and demands the “alien” to be sent away


Highly ironic in a nation that was abused, raped, and stripped away from Natives that held this nation before you even sailed shore to discover what was never yours. 


The Irony in this Nation 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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