Declaration of Me



I am a woman,

Not a figurine that can be stood on a shelf

Not a piece of decoration

Not a hood ornament,

Not a piece of arm candy

A woman


I don’t dress for anyone but myself.

If I wear a belly shirt, 

It’s not because I am a slut. 

I want to show off my waist.

If I wear a long skirt,

It’s not because I am prudish,

But because I love the feeling of the cloth on my legs.

If I wear pants, 

It’s not because I am a tom boy

But because they are comfortable


Boys, if you see me at a party,

Don’t assume I am here for a hook up with you.

I am there because I want to enjoy myself with friends.

 I am not interested in pick up lines

You can buy me a drink,

but don’t think that grants you any favors.

If I push you away,

I am not a bitch,

I have a choice of who I sleep with.


I am whatever I chose to be,

Not what a thin billboard

Or a bottle of shampoo demands of me.

I reject all stereotypes.

I break the mold, because I am an individual.

I don’t need to work to gain your respect,

If I am talented, and good at my work,

That should mean more than my gender.


I am a woman,

A human being.

I refuse to be anything than me.

You can try to mold me into what you think I should be,

But then you will find I am more than your wildest imagination.

I am strong

I am wise

I am confident

I do not need to fight for a respectable place in society

Among the men

There should be plenty of spots for me. 



You can call me degrading names

I dare you to make me anything less.

But that belittles you, not me.

I am a woman,

Not a puppet.

I am intimidating,

Because I have power,

that comes from within,

a stubborn flame that will burn,

and burn

and burn.

No matter what, I will still be a woman.

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