I cared

I remember…

It’s hard not to remember

The pain you put me through…

You broke my heart and my mind but yet I still care for you.

I know you’ve moved on, still standing strong…

But I’m still here in the same place right where you left me in a cold dark hole with only my thoughts and memories to be with me

then with the little sense I have left, I remember.

I remember all the wicked words that spewed out of your mouth like lava from Volcano that made my hope of a better you sizzle away.

I remember the cold look in your eyes that sent a chill so deep down my body I had no other choice but to lay there and sooth the hair bumps down my arms.

I remember the feel of your soft hands except you touched me in a hard way

I remember your insensitivity and lack of empathy when it came to my emotions and input

I remember the swiftness of your body as you turned right and left me alone

I cared about you

I cared about your mind

Your peace and soul

I cared

As time progresses maybe just maybe I will snap out of this trance

Snap out of the mindset of thinking that I need you.

I care

I remember

I cared


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