The World of Bi

The World of Bi is an interesting place

For all is divided into two 

One is treated like gold

The Other is treated a fly- Shoo!


One is the standard

That all must adhere

Other is treated as the pariah

With varying degrees of fear


Ignorance has been reinforced 

The Truth has been hidden

One child has been inculcated to believe it's best

And Other child has been despitefully smitten


In the World of Bi

One bears several names

Man, Hetero, Middle-to-Upper, White, Cis, Able-bodied

And they accrue privilege in gains


And in this "fair" society

Other also bears several names

Woman, Non-hetero, Working-to-Lower, Non-white, Trans, With disability

And they accrue oppression and exploitation in the blame game


"Well at least in one way we are all One"

We say before going to sleep

In order to ignore the oppressed

As they cry out vociferously

This poem is about: 
Our world


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