Love to Me, Love to You


To love a man, to love a girl...

What difference is there really?

Love, to me, is the same 

In any language, in any shape

For any age, 

For any person.

Love could maybe just be

a simple word

to describe a feeling held deep inside

Like flying up on cloud nine, 

where the sun shines,

heaven glows, sanguine and placid.

Whoa... Wait just a minute...

Forget that fantasy shit for just a bit

and let me tell you what love has done for me.

A-B-C... A-F-K... K-B-T... 1-2-3...

L and G, B and T

That's where my dirty little secret hides.

Ain't none of the best liars in the world

Not any of the thieving cats in the alleys

Not one of the politicans in America

Got something on this,

So feel free to diss, but you don't want to miss

What I'm going to reveal.

Just a chance to be open, a door

Let the hate out the back.

Now turn the clock back to when

I used to mack on guys, just males

Back to the day I never spoke

Never voiced who I was. 

Hiding what was natural

A part of me

How I came out to be.

Me, for who I couldn't help to be.

B as in bi, not T because I never tried

To find someone to accept me,

Me for who I couldn't help to be.


I was afraid of the dark, of the secrets, of the lies

and the pain

Of being alone.

The nights that dawned

the rejection of me, myself.

Because I was one less from tri

Two-wheeled, handlebars, 

Can you handle me?

This is the truth

Sorry I can't soothe

The hate seething 

From your mouth

Your teeth

The tears

That reject Me.


Your friend,

your classmate,

your girlfriend,

your daughter...

It's me.

It's always been me.

Whether L, G, B, or T.

All I've ever been was

M and E.


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