The Dark, the Death and the Diva


I was haunted, I still am, and forever will I stay haunted,

The devil preyed for me; it pulled me into itself, something I never wanted

My soul gets stolen in every moment that passes by,

I always wondered how it felt to die.

The scorching liquid slides down my throat leaving me numb in its wake,

Unconsciousness cradles me in its arms, takes me away before I break.

The rolled paper in my hand tells a different tale,

the whiff gives pleasure at once leaving pain in its trail.

Hands grope around my body but I don’t care anymore,

It ends like every night does,

when his lips brush my neck as we stumble through his door.

It always ends next morning as I untangle my hair,

Sunshine beams at me from the mirror,

the darkness hides beneath the painted layer.

I hide it well but why do I try to lie?

I kind of hate it when I die.

I wish the ground to take me in, the wind to fly me away,

But am stuck in between, the damned I am here shall I stay

I look at those perfect lives I could be,

if I could have pushed the beast that came for me.

I wish I was not mute when darkness tied me in chains,

could have been the colorful spectrum not the shadow which remains.

The claws have gone deeper than the skin, can’t escape even if I try,

I always hate it when I die.

Now the chains can’t tie me anymore, the sorrows can’t pull me under,

the raging storm I am now, don’t end with just thunder.

I am still in darkness, this is where my soul will lie,

but I have learned to wrath and kill, not shrink and die.

The queen of dark I am, got a heart of stone

I reign in darkness the mighty bend in front of my throne.

No angel I am mercy is not the game I play,

The devil’s bait, the temptation that makes it hard to stay away.

I don’t rule peacefully, I choose violence instead,

my wrath doesn’t stop until my vision is tainted red.

They hunted me so I am her  to hunt them back,

Power, Beauty, Darkness I am, can stop death in its track.



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