Somebody once handed me a flyer.

It read 



The aftertaste of such an idea

lasted long beyond the introduction



A vibrating silhouette of an idea

that can shred my mind to pieces and

expose me from the inside out

like a orange stripped of its skin


To split the pole

around the idea of being?

thinly slicing it

into dissected digestible bites


I think therefore I think, no?

All is as it was

And to ponder is to torment


But in reality


I am no more a possession of myself

Than I am a creation of yours

and those around me

Thrown together in a careless conglomeration

hoping I turn out exactly as planned


Debate with me, I beg you

Find the holes in my words

And through them find who I really am



For in this instance I am evergreen...

And for every inch I grow

I remain the same


and If a tree falls in the forest

Who cares if it makes a sound?

Will I even make a sound?


Let’s speak together

In riddles and truths

Secrets and false promises

Meant to be kept


I am I

But only as much as

He is she and

You are we

And they are what we ought not to be


I want to influence the world

put it atop my shoulders 

and shrug off the pain

Atlas of a new and changing world


These have been long nights

but not for nought

as I dwindle away

I leave nothing but my words on paper

and the lives I have changed


Throw my mind into a blender and

See me for the first time

It is there that I flourish

In the madness

Of spinning blades

I am I

But only as much as


This is me...

But everything ever said is worth questioning.




My two favorite lines in your piece would have to be "The aftertaste of such an idea lasted long beyond the introduction," and "But everything ever said is worth questioning." Those two lines themselves pack so much power into them and really speak on so many things. They pack a punch and make the readers realize some of the things they do and make the question the things they do as well. Another thing I thoroughly enjoyed in your poem was the hints of Old English in your words. This poem was great, thank you so much for sharing it.


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