What I Want These Words To Do To You (Letter to my future son)


Dear Son,


Recognize your power, strength, and courage.


You have the drive and the power to achieve great things.

And then there is power ascribed to you.

For being a man, you have power that you aren’t conscious of or prepared to handle.

You hold this innate power, and you take it for granted.

Your words and actions carry meaning, only because you are a man.

Control this power, and exert empathy and understanding.

Be mindful of the ways you may be silencing others.

The power you hold is only a symbol of patriarchy.

Do not abuse it, be aware of the ways you can empower others.


You are strong, both physically and mentally.

Because you are physically strong, be careful of where you lay your hand.

Fist to wall, fist to face, I will not stand for such misplaced anger and hate.

Be mentally strong for the pain this life brings you.

You will face struggle.

Be emotionally strong, but do not hide your tears and your fears.

Be strong enough to overcome the barriers society places on your emotional spectrum.

You are capable of more than anger.

You are compassionate.

With your strength and compassion, be a leader.

Become a leader in your own life,

Lead the way to equality.


Do this and you will be courageous.

It takes courage to stand up against gender inequality.

You have the courage to endure the struggle.

When you start to veer off this path

Be fearless enough to find your way back.

Ask for help.


What I want these words to do to you,

Is to encourage you to be modest, be kind, and respectful

Of the power, strength, and courage

Which exists in others.





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