Tree of Knowledge

You were so sweet

I knew better than to try to consume you all at once

If i over indulge then my stomach would ache

So i told myself "maybe just a taste"

But you weren't composed of artificial flavors

Your flavors were real, your flavors were rare

You fed me and I ate

Moderation turned into day to day

Unlike the previous you never left me malnourished

You provided so much nutrients

I flourished

And when I was parched you were hydration

On the tip of my tongue the remedy for desolation

You spoke to me, sang to me like a choir

How were you left for me?

Maybe your taste is acquired

Do others find you tart, or sour

Were you bitter?

Or were you too much?

Did they OD, get the jitters?

Am I draining the life out of you?

Because now I taste sweet

If you're real then I'm a duplicate

Is the artificial one me?

Or are you just here to show me the potential I could reach

When you provided your nutrients did you nurture a seed?

I had the roots, but now I'm sprouting an apple tree

Such a lovely gift. You are so sweet

To help me blossom

An apple tree

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