My definition of Love


You would think that love would be easy to find

I mean Isn't it stronger than anything?

I wish i could find someone i could love

with the heart that ive already given away

Not only that...

but i want someone who loves me just as much.

I always thought love was something you could find imediately,

something that you can touch with not only your fingers...

But also with your heart. I have felt love before.

It feels better than a shower after a hard day of work.

It feels better than an Ice cold sweet tea

On a hot midsummer day.

When you feel love...

you never really feel anything else.

You see the one you love

In a different way than anyone else sees them.

The one you love can do nothing wrong...

No matter what, period.

When you love someone you cant take your eyes off them...

and when you cant see them,

your thoughts are constantly stuck 

on how you are going to see them next.

When you love someone...

Their kisses are the sweetest thing

you will ever want to taste.

Their hugs not only surround your body,

but they also surround your heart and soul.

When you love someone...

You feel what they are feeling whenever you are near them...

and you know exactly how to make everything better.

Not only can you do all this for them,

But they can also do all of this for you.

When you love someone for real...

you are never ashamed to show your love for them,

In fact...

you go out of your way to show everyone

how much you really love them.

If you love someone...

Really love someone,

you would do anything to find a smile in their frown,

Even more...

You would die to live with forever,

and losing them would kill you from the inside out.

Love is stronger than;





and silence.

Love Never Fails


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