The Old T-shirt

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 10:11 -- Kish535


You left me

You were once Mine


Your hold, your lips, all mine


I remember the sleepless nights we spent together

creating passion, solving problems

If you returned, I would never let you go

I hold in my hands the shirt you left behind at my house

Ugh this damn shirt

The scent of youy still lingers on it


A year seems like a lietime 

You've been gone for so long

I remember  that happy smile

Thoise autumn blue eyes

Your T-shirt

Black and simple

Just ike you

Black serious, yet simple

I loved that about you though

But now your gone 

You left me

It was just meant to be


This T-shirt though

My only relic of you

The only thing I cant part with

Pathetic of me

Childish of me

Why cant I let you go?

I tried to toss it away but i just cant rid of it so easily


But here we are

Did you missme?

As I sit hewe by you on this shady fall day 

on this deep green grass.

I wonder what life would be likehad you never gotten in that car with them

You know I really miss you

And not a Day goes by without you crossing my mind

I miss you very much and Ive thought long and hard about this babe

Its time I give you back your T-shirt

I folded it nicely

Look at me talking to a grave haha

I'll see you later my love

and I'll love my new boyfriend as mush as I love you 

Actually on second thought,

I'll take your shirt back

I dont think the cemetery will let me leaveit here

But as i was saying

I love you and I miss you.


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