Wed, 11/05/2014 - 13:00 -- Ci Mone

Because a Queen is not a Queen without her King.

A woe-man is nothing without man

woe - suffering

woe- affliction

woe- agony

woe- burden

Woe needs man to become Wombman. 

The essence of Man

The Aplha and Omega

Is to configure and mold the Wombman



And blow life into the Womb of the Wombman. 

I don't need feminism because I understand that I, Me am nothing without the Man.

When the Man finds himself a Wombman he finds himself a Great thing

Love making began when the Man himself solidifies and infiltrates his counterpart.

Without Man humanity will dissipate and earth will turn into an abyss of desolation. 

Division in the family came about when when woe-man long to be equal to Man. 

Don't get me wrong everybody deserves there rights

Woman is for Man and Man is daylight 

theres a  line between genders that  should never be crossed 

Let a Man be a Man 

And stop trying to walk around in big boy draws.

Your a Wombman the bearer of earth

The greatest life producing creature in the universe. 




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