Even when life's got you down You feel like your drowning, walking off the edge and you can't turn around. You're deaf to loves sound you're hiding and don't want to be found. Your hearts aching even breaking you look in the mirror and you're so repulsed you start shaking, head in the grass looking for that four leaf clover you think life's over. You might be the popular girl or the girl who's in her own little world. You maybe a gleek or a chick with gauges and black make up who gets called a freak. You might be the girl who's confused about her sexuality who feels like coming out will be her fatality. You could be the girl who gets called slut all because youn have a nice figure and like to show off your butt. You could be the athlete who on the court can't be beat but at home just can't take the domestic heat. You might be the chick into drugs and alcohol you're at every party following beers with aderall.  You could be the fat girl stickin her finger down her throat  making herself hurl, or the dark skinned sister who just wants  the respect of a dark skinned mister. Maybe the girl undocumented who's incredibly talented buts blunted and cemented by the unfairness in government that's augmented.  Maybe the white girl who everyone hates because they all think  your life's so privileged and great. Point is you're all beautiful strong women don't drown, be like Dory and just keep swimmin. No matter what your into do you and be proud boo no matter what you look like too just know no one is more beautiful and youer than you. Ladies.


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