Freshman Year

There was a time not so long ago

When my mind was like a ball of yarn

Tightly wound

Thread upon strict thread

And I was certain of one thing:

My shape would not change

And I would remain as I was

And as I had always been


But then, all at once

It was as though lumbering needles

Had pierced my own skull

Digging their way into my thoughts

Forcing in new theories, and new ideas

Things I had never seen before

As pitch black as the night


They scared me, these thoughts

These fears I had never experienced

These wonders I had never considered

Truth, learning - myself

I thought I had known them

Once upon that time


And all the same,

The ball of yarn that was my mind

Began to unwind…


But then, slowly

Oh, how very slowly!

These thoughts began to take shape.

The theories, so foreign

Were molded into inventions

That could one day change lives

The ideas that haunted my brain

Became beautiful mysteries

Like stars that dot the evening sky

And the fear I held deep-set within my core

Hidden away like a shameful secret

Formed strength, for I knew in my mind


That however I change

And however I unravel

Falling apart at my very own seams

There will never come a day

When I can not be knit back together.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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