Why Wisdom?


It is the key to success for some.

It is the driving motivation for others.

It is the difference between all knowing and foolishness.

It is not something aquired in a day, week, or even month.

It is not something easily attainable.

It does not care about your past.

It does not care about your future.

It is the reason to get up every morning and the reason to not sleep every night.

It is the reason to meet new people.

It is the reason to respect old friends.

It the thing that will make you want to give up the most.

It is also the thing you will fight hardest for.

Wisdom is a devine power that one fathoms to hold.

Once it is obtained, it is unstopable, and the one who has it also has great power.

Wisdom should be cherrished and not rebuked.

Wisdom is the key to all the secrets in the world.

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