Slowly coming sucky death

getting closer with each breath

within my heart there burns a flame

that gets brighter at the sound of your name.

When you’re around I’m fully sane

but when I hear her call your name

that’s the thing that makes me Insane

and my way through this pain…

My head is swimming I can’t think straight

but that’s the time they see us great …

In school like little robots conversations range

from cold to hot they try to tell me

what I know is not and when I…

Promise to obey the rules I’m my class

and in this school, I’ll respect myself and others too,

I respect myself in all I do, I’m here to do all I can,

to protect myself and stay who I am

Stay true to you

Do what you Do

you’re something special

  something different

something new

  You’re weird and I respect you for that.



what do you think I could Improve on?

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