He didn't know any better


I once told him that it was okay,
I’ve been called worse.

Truth is,
I hadn’t.

And when he hugged me and apologized

I realized that was the first time someone had ever called me a bitch.

The thing is,

He wasn’t even serious or mad at me, 

not that it would justify it.

He didn’t understand what it meant.

Just a slang word apart his vocabulary.

A bitch is a female dog and last time I checked 
I wasn’t on all fours barking for his attention. 

But maybe he got confused with all the porn he’d been watching.

Seeing females need a man to take them for a walk around their body like its a game of twister.

The man being a spinner choosing which spot would be the place to hit her. 

But of course when he called me a bitch,

He wasn’t thinking about which is which.

He was trying to be the man he thought that had it all. 

He also knew that a bitch wasn’t something you should call someone..

and I knew that but instead I took it and it hurt.

But I put up a wall and said I’ve had worse.

Just because I’ve seen it happen 
to plenty of other girls.

But I’ve only seen it happen,

i’ve never felt the words.

Well fuck you.

If could go back in time

I’d slap you right then and there.

I’d show you a bitch you’d recognize.

The one you see in all the porn and the ones on tv.

I’d slap you so hard,
You’d be the bitch, not me.

I’d show you how it feels now, because I didn’t understand it then.

But by allowing you to call me a bitch, 

It allowed you to do it again.
by Sonya Leblanc


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