Your voice
Is a weapon
Sharper than any knife
More truthful than any gun

Scream your objections
Flail your thoughts about at every street corner
But whisper your ideas into notebooks and paper napkins
Or they will be smashed.

Your freedom
Is entwined
Within the sticky fingers
Of men and our ill taught sisters

Know your rights
Patch your flaws with fabric woven from talents and skills
Learn from the books and the art and the music
Denied to you in school.

Your power
Is a right
That they have tried to snatch away from you
Through corruption and ignorance

Fight for your body
Guard your heart and your mind and your soul
With the strength that magazines have told you
You shouldn’t have.

You are a divine creature
Made of dust and bone and ash
And you are only as limited
As you allow yourself to be.


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