Wings That Can't Fly


What does it mean to be free? 
Free is when you're allowed to do as you please.
You are given the privilege to be who you decide you want to be.
But are we really free?
It’s pretty ironic how we are called the land of the free but we have laws and restrictions.
The land we step on evidentially belongs to someone.
It’s not physically noticeable but the government controls us.
We feed them with money and they chew us up and swallow us down.
The government is an oversized motherboard which controls us all.
It tells us what to do & how to do it
Where to go and where not to go.
They limit our education and knowledge of things.
They challenge us to go to school but don't necessarily teach us everything we should learn.
We always know just enough.
If we are given no information we wouldn't believe them and if we are given too much we would have all the reasons why to rebel.
They believe it’s better to hide things from us.
Can we just admit the fact that the government is scared of us?
There is lots of hidden potential in us.
Some of us shouldn't be scared of using our talents.
The government knows that if we put our mind to it we could out smart them.
They are scared that we the people could make a revolution.
We can make a change.
Whether it means put our lives on the line, why not?
What's the world with no people?
What's a government with no citizens? 
You have to continue to think outside the box. 
Just exactly how free are we?
How gullible can you be to just believe we are free without questioning them?
If we are so called free why do we need freedom of speech as the first amendment
that should be common sense?
Why is it that there are so many questions left unanswered?
Perhaps every question does have an answer.
The answer is just not given to us.
Its cause the government decides not to answer them.
The government is only trying to hurt us.
They manipulate and abuse who we are.
They believe that everyone is just a number.
They don't give one fuck about us.
They could careless who dies.
That's why they do things the way they do.
All the things that can kill you are made legal for a reason.
All the people who question and stand against are murdered.
All the people who carry just the right amount of information against the government disappear from the face of the earth.
Or if not they are forced to join the government.
If you can't beat em, join em.
As time flies by you become curious.
You want to know where you stand.
But you can't even explain how you’re standing.
You're left confused, scratching your head.
If only we were as free as they say we are.
It is typical for the government to relate freedom to a bird.
Spread your wings and fly, they say.
If we are free why can't we relate ourselves to animals?
Animals are free to do as they please.
They don't have to struggle as much as we do.
If we are free we should be able to relate ourselves to whichever animal we like.
Nothing matters as you soar the sky.
Nothing matters when you roam the land.
The Government viciously attacks us. It automatically wants to become the king of the jungle.
They want us to be scared of them.
How free are you when you are placed in a cage?
Let the hatred pour out of us.
Allow all of our emotions to rush out.
You are conditioned to be someone you would never want to become.
How could you allow someone to take advantage of you like that?
Fight for your freedom.
No matter how strong the government think they are, we are stronger.
Let us create the biggest war of all times. 
Let it overpower all the wars that ever happened.
It’s about that time we clench our fist. 
They can't do anything without us.
We are like the food to the body.
We are like the sperm to the egg.
As the sperm we create who we want. 
Let yourself bring out the inner you.
Be as aggressive and manipulative as a lion. 
Be as fierce as a tiger.
Be as wise as the snake. 
Sooner or later you'll see that we are not as free as we should.
Free yourself not only from that lion who believes is the king of the jungle.
Free yourself from the negativity and greed. 
Break the chains that are holding you back.
Allow your heart and mind create the soul you'd love to have.
Bring out a new definition to the word freedom. 
It only takes one simple thing.
You just have to believe...


Guide that inspired this poem: 



I could almost hear the voice behind this not shouting or yelling but commanding a response from people to pay attention and take action.

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