The End


United States
35° 52' 5.2968" N, 84° 5' 26.61" W

A man stalks through the night
Bright lights cower overhead.
Carrying what he knows not, he walks on
Down a deserted alley.
Everything is dark, yet
Finally he sees the end.
Gripping his consignment tightly,
He feels somehow scared and confident,
Ill and well,
Jealous and generous.
Koming (Coming) up ahead
Lays an angel
Motionless on the ground.
Now he could see-
Over his self-centeredness.
People were dying-
Questioning his
Reactions to all of the
Stupid lies,
Timeless arguments and
Where were our saviors-
Xiting (Exiting)
Your heavens through the



I like the word choice of this poem. The structure is good as well. It tells a story and flows and also keeps the reader's attention, which is always good.

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