A Momento From High School

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 15:11 -- hsadiq


Leaving my years behind in this high-school-like prison, filled me with nothing more than sheer joy.

It's as if I'll awaken from my dream and learn that I was merely a psychic playing with her toy.

The toy being my mind, it is not something unordinary.

Though, most in this hell-hole seem to believe it is rare.

Leaving behind my years in high school, filled me with a sense of knowledge.

The knowledge to truly comprehend that no longer will I have to use my mind as a toy.

The understanding that I will not have to dumb my own blossoming intelligence to hold a conversation with some of these empty-headed youth.

A mind gone wasted on ordinary thoughts and latest gossip.

A toy gone abandoned because they became indulged in the thought-less action of staring at ones' phone for hours.

Leaving behind my years in high school, filled me with a sense of enlightenment.

To understand that I am not as they are.

Although to them, a mind and self-building actions are a mere myth, I am the folklore. I am the people who understand my own intellect and my own potential.

I am the people who will not succumb to the morbid thought of being ordinary.

Excuse my cynism, but if you cannot tell, my years in high school will be the time left as my awakening.





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