Adieu to You


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Farewell, old friend.

“Friend”, a term I hated to be called by you.

A naïve conclusion on my part, looking in retrospect.

I was choking on salt water, drowning in your ocean.

I’ve learned how to build a ship, sail over the rapid waters.

I was worthless, dirt without your affection.

I am golden and one in a million, worthy without your help.

I was broken, left over ashes, burned by your fire.

I am the fire, destroying anything in my path, rising from the ashes.

I was unfocused, distracted by the nuisance you were.

I am driven, achieving anything I want.

I was a fool, falling for your silly tricks and games.

I am smart, flipping over your game board and throwing the pieces.

I was dependent, the outcome of my day relied on your attention.

I am independent, my day is what I make of it.

I was scared, nothing if I didn’t love you.

I am everything, me, without you.

Farewell, old friend.

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First poem, shows strength over someone who kept you down and took your worth.

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