No one make a sound as I closed my mind and invasion a new place of peace 

being stress to the max while bad luck seems to be the only thing that follows me 

theres my money a theft decided to steal watch me crave the dollar bills  that filled my pockets with hope

which lied empty 


and look at the pain I hide with a beautiful smile thinking where you might be 

locked off from education because some girl has no chose but to leave as you return the favor and leave  the people who still cared about you

but you didn't acknowledge a single thing 

only leaving an  aww at every sentence instead of a long lasting message with in

as you had a long lasting friend but did you even care about what I felt or what I though

I bet I didn't cross your mind as I though about you every second of time thinking if you're  ok

but why should I waist my time

not like you care anyway  


maybe if I stop talking and  let everyone hear their voices and as mind closed shut 

you wanna know what's wrong 

figure it out I wish you the best of luck 

seating in a class wondering if I'm gonna pass spending my last amount of time on a stupid worksheet 

fighting to get ahead as people push me aside as if I was some black girl without a clue maybe their right because i'm starting to think its true 


as I hold my tongue trying  to be carful on what I say

 but damned it's not ok 

you don't say a thing and soon you will respect me 

when I'm not here  then you be like dang I miss imani I  bet you do but did you try to hold me tight 

walking away because you though you had the might to be strong on your own

as you run back to me 

oh hell no your ass wanted to run off and be free 

so I see you shiver in the cold 

If only you would have listen but I forgot you are to BOLD I see 


forgive me for my harsh words I guess it's  been a moment since I spoke my mind not caring about the time 

doing what I wanted to do for once being the person that has to obey the rules 

with each punch can't do this or that follow me 

I want to be independent can't you believe in me just once

I see my voice getting louder ain't that funny been in silence  now I'm  loud now echoes of my voice run

wild like a muscular horse who let the gate open

and runaway

no more silence for me






sometimes you have speakup for yourself in a time you want to stay silence having all that frustration inside and always remaining silence when you are upset but its  about time we have had enought .No MORE SILENCE TIME FOR EVERYONE TO SPEAK UP .everyone has a voice now i want to hear it !!!

I hope you enjoy this poem because this me yelling my voice to the world 


After reading this, now I want to share my voice and spread my opinions. It's time to stop the silence and stand for what we believe in. This poem represents this idea, nicely done.


Thank you so much just takes a stand to be who you are And be proud of it. Speak what you feel and have confidence .thank you so much for reading my poem means a lot 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you have a voice

never let anyone or anything shut you down

this poem exemplifies the importance of expression

always voice out your thoughts, feelings, ideas proudly

there are times that it's ok to have silence (quiet time, relaxation moment, meditation, etc..........)

always speak your mind-well said in this piece imani


Thank you so much I just had let out my emotions and what I had stayed silence way to long I had to speak on what I feel .thank you so much for reading my poem means a lot thank you .

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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