What Is Power?

What good is power ⛮ if it holds back progress? What good
is law ⚖ if it oppresses citizens? What good is human of no
compassion and sympathy? What good is authority if it says
nothing better can be done? And cares not for human well-being.
Or what good is a kingdom where people lament and struggle
to survive?All over this nation men who would rather discover
the truth are being replaced by men who would rather be right than
discover the truth. And that's no creative attitude it couldn't
leads to human growth and progress. Most people allow resentment
to rule their mind. Most of us didn't think up ours. They're been
conditioned into us by our experience. And most times we actually
didn't know when sort feeling is reacting itself, because they're
literally been written into our nervous systems and cause immediate
reactions to outside signals. They've become habits that stereotype
our responses. And all sorts of habit sets the whole black nation
backward unknowingly.

This poem is about: 
My country


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