we are women.


United States
39° 50' 57.9768" N, 86° 15' 59.9256" W

When you shake my hand can you tell who I really am?
Or is it in my voice that makes you understand?
For all you could know I am the girl next door,
Or maybe even the girl that you have labeled the school whore.
I am greater than what my society has held me to be,
But I am less than what the outer world can see?
I have held my head high to the adversity of man,
Because in my blueprint, greatness was the plan.
I am a eagle, I am a tiger, I am a conqueror of many
To some my role in this world, my cup is half empty.
I am more than just a shell with a very nice shape
I walk with so much strength I cause people to shake.
I am a woman, a woman indeed
We are women, more than what the eye can see.
We are strong, we are powerful, we refuse to sink
So stand up, no matter what anyone else thinks.


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