Trapped in his own thoughts

He’s all alone with nothing but a lone heart

Trying to spark a flame so dark

It can light up a room with demonic distraught demonstrating

Diabolical bubonic thoughts so harsh it could rip up Jack the Ripper

Into pieces and parts

He’s alright

Even if he’s always alone at night

looking at the celestial lights so bright

wishing one day he’ll be her knight

while she smiles so bright when she’s with her knight

at night with turned off lights

He’s okay

Knowing he’s hopeless

He only hopes less with less hope

Thinking someone will be there to help him cope

What a joke just a soul so broke

He soaks himself with cognac and smoke

Till he chokes and have despair coming out his throat

He’s fine

A mental mind uncontrollably out of line

A sinister with a plot potentially putting him a position of pain

Caught by the webs of a unorthodox widow who’s keeping him sane

A self proclaimed sociopath who’s path is packed with chaotic traps and mishaps

Happily driving himself mad then eventually sad with psychotic attacks

That even narcotics can’t be the antibiotic of this chronic condition he has

because this is his map to his Nirvana he’s been trying to grasp.

He’ll be better

Better than ever by never doing more favor for others whatsoever

Knowing he’ll end up getting fucked over

So it’s over

After all those favors when will it be returned?

Unselfish only to get him burned

Believed that he’ll receive a helping hand

ironically he’s really indeed the one in need

deceived with easy beliefs

someone get him out of this hallucination where his goals and dreams can be achieved

He’s worse

Hurt and got his face shoved to the core of the earth

Ate dirt cuz he’s a lowly dog

Who shouldn’t have been alive the day his mother gave birth

A child who’s cursed

A first wearing the devil’s t-shirt

Walking around like a sick sinister sinner

Flashing the middle finger to the church

Someone get this heartless monster off this holy earth

He's dead

bullet through the head on his bed as he bled

silence but no one dares to dread

no one saw this ahead

but the one who shot the lead

what a tragic for this problematic addict

His days are over of causing havoc

cheers to the disappearance of our biggest fear

the sky's becoming clear

forgive me but I have committed a murder this year



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