Evasive Worm

I am the early bird
Leaving my nest on the daily to catch my worm
But I am not your usual early bird,
For I just never catch the worm.
The early bird that’s always unlucky.

I am that special stone.
That special stone the builder refused.
But not the stone you know,
Because I never got to be the corner stone.
Nobody wants to use me.

I am the educated one.
The one whose parents believe in education.
“Education is power” they believe.
Isn’t it ironical hence,
That I am educated and powerless?

I am the youth,
The future of the country,
The leader of tomorrow.
The one they all talk about.
But that’s all they do; talk.

My strength is slowly failing me.
I can feel desperation creeping in.
Exasperated by my fate.
Exasperated by failure.
I am the early bird that never catches the worm.

But I am not alone.
The bird next to me isn’t alone either.
We are all stones that nobody wants to use.
They ceaselessly talk about the jobless youth.
While we try yet again to grab that evasive worm

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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