The Endless Cycle

I'm awaken

coldness brushes against my cheek

tears slowly pouring out of my eyes


hearing the creak of the 100 year old wood

screaming at the touch of my feet

My feet

swollen from the loss of circulation to them

because I have chains

clamped around my ankles

too tight

too small

too deadly

leaving my feet

too swollen

stumbling down the stairs that I know too well

Crying as though my soul

was dragging itself

to hell

stepping in the same footsteps

that I have stepped in since I was 5

Its an endless cycle

a cycle that everybody knows

but conveniently doesn’t remember

that’s what life is

that is what society tells us

we’re playing telephone with a rotary phone

not getting the complete message

leaving out the important information

making us look as if they are the victims

when we are the victims

we are the slaves to this nation

been doing the same thing since day 1

the last generation isn't proud

we are walking around like zombies

The walking dead has nothing on us

the torment and the torture we have put on each other

have you not realized that we are stuck on the face of this earth

get use to it

dont abuse the use of your power

go help this process

because I am the one who goes

through the process of this

endless cycle


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Our world
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