Death Be Unto Us



Is a big word for what you are

You kill someone everyday

Their name is on YOUR birth certificate

It's disgusting

It's vile

It's simply human nature

Your own standards kill you every second you're alive

Your standards bring you down and do it with a smile

Who says you're not nice enough?

Who says you're not pretty enough?

Who says you're ugly?

Who says you''re not smart enough?

Who says you're not cool enough or too dumb for your own good?

Who says you're not worth two cents?

Does he say it to your face and threaten you with pain?

Does she say it to your face and watch you crumble in vain?

You cannot allow him to have the power of a God

One cannot sit and chill as she throws her bolts of lightening at you

Stand up

            and let the dead people speak

Rise to the sunlight

             Allow your angelic voice to be heard by the heavens

Hold on to any ledge

             So as not to lose your precious balance

Scream so that only your voice SHOUTS over all

Dead people walk

                           Do not succumb to the dark

For without you I wouldn't see

                                                                     A Knight.....

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